The TUF Gaming GT301 is a feature-packed chassis made for the masses

Building a PC on a budget isn’t easy. Each component requires careful consideration, and we contemplate every compromise, obsessively weighing the pros, cons, and long-term implications of each cost-cutting choice.

Too often, the chassis is an afterthought, pushed aside as we pore over more critical pieces of the puzzle, but the right case is crucial for a quality build. Choose poorly, and you’re liable to have buyer’s remorse as you deal with insufficient cooling, poor layout, and fewer options for upgrades down the line.

The right case will keep you happy for years and leaves room for you to upgrade other elements of your build as time goes on. Our TUF Gaming series draws on our considerable expertise in the PC DIY space to cater to a more modest price point without compromising on what matters, and the latest addition to the family is a mid-tower chassis meticulously made for builders on a budget. It’s designed to deliver on all of the essentials of a great case, as well as a few unexpected features for good measure.


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