The TUF Gaming ecosystem expands with new peripherals, systems, and partners

The PC gaming renaissance is bringing a new generation of recruits into the ranks. They’re joining a community that’s increasingly diverse and frequently unfamiliar with the intricacies of building a complete rig. TUF Gaming aims to make the process more approachable by smoothing out the wrinkles in the DIY experience. Designed for gamers seeking reliability and performance at an affordable price, it focuses on delivering durable gear that can survive the rigors of punishing play and maintain stability in challenging environments.


TUF Gaming takes battle-hardened aesthetics in a futuristic direction. Although it started with motherboards, the family is expanding to peripherals and other components that embrace the same style, making it easier to assemble a cohesive gaming setup without blowing your budget. All-new additions include a mouse, keyboard, headset, and chassis developed by our own internal teams, plus an array of components produced by TUF Gaming Alliance partners who embrace the same ideals. Complete systems are also beginning to spread TUF Gaming values to machines that get you in the game right out of the box. You can see them and more TUF Gaming components at Computex 2018 in Taipei, Taiwan from June 5-9.


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