Präzise und komfortable Eingabe
  • Optische, kabellose Maus mit fortschrittlicher Tracking-Technologie mit einer Auflösung von maximal bis zu 1600dpi
  • Technologie für geräuschloses Klicken
  • Dedizierte Taste für den Wechsel zwischen 1000dpi- und 1600dpi-Modus
  • Feature für die Energieverwaltung verlängert die Batterie-Lebensdauer
  • Ergonomisch designte Maus mit berührungsempfindlicher Beschichtung für den optimalen Grip
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    Effortless USB 2.0
    Simple design that works with every PC in total plug and play every time.
    Right Handed
    Pinpoint ergonomic design caters to right handed users with absolute comfort and natural responsiveness.
    Precise optics
    Quality lenses and tracking ensure true to form input in every application and on all surfaces - no more mouse pad dependence
    Accurate 1000/1600 dpi (default 1000)
    Hi-res control never skips a dot, cutting delays, frustration and errors in worry-free computing
    Ergonomic Design
    Perfect fit mouse design goes easy on your hands for total comfort and prolonged use whether productive or sheer entertainment

    The ASUS WT425 Optical Wireless Mouse features advanced tracking technology with resolutions up to 1600DPI.

    A dedicated switch lets you easily select sensitivity levels of 1000 and 1600DPI; while its silent mouse click design means you can use it in quiet environments.

    1. Wheel
    2. DPI switch button (1000/1600)
    3. Forward (Internet)
    4. Backward (Internet)
    5. Silent click deign (up to 3000k life times)

    It’s ergonomic too, with a tactile, easy-grip coating ensuring your comfort even after long periods of use.

    1. Leather coating
    2. Ergo design for long term use
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