WLAN & Netzwerk

    18 out of 20

    The ASUS Lyra offers a fast and reliable wireless network across the house. This set of Wi-Fi Routers is made of 3 triband hubs using MESH and MU-MIMO technologies to extend the network coverage up to 500 square meters. Very easy to set-up, it is tailored for your smartphone, PC, gaming console or any connected device. Lyra makes sure that each device gets a smooth and safe connection, everywhere at any time. Its powerful 2,2 Gb/s internet speed can be controled on the free smartphone app, or through the PC WEB interface shared by all ASUS products, offering, according to your needs a very large dashboard for basic or advanced configurations, which is a rare thing for big companies to offer. The devices are elegant and can be fixed to the wall or be decorative. mehr
    https://www.asus.com/media/images/award_logo/1263/14858/A_setting_FFF_1_90_end_80.png PlanetSansFil