ASUS Transformer Pad MagSmart Cover (TF303 Series)

    ASUS Transformer Pad MagSmart Cover (TF303 Series)

    Ihr Tablet verdient ein MagSmart Cover

  • Widerstandsfähig, haltbar und leicht
  • Multifunktionales Cover mit flexiblen Aufstellmöglichkeiten
  • Alle Anschlüsse frei zugänglich
  • Durchsichtige Rückseite
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      Great Looks

      Add a personal touch to your tablet with the stunning MagSmart Cover —this smart but tough case protects your tablet without hiding its great looks.

      Magnet Dots

      The chic cover design makes it the perfect accessory for the style-conscious, while the transparent back with its ultra-cool dots showcases your beautiful tablet while protecting it from everyday knocks and scratches.


      Smart Design

      The cover has a soft interior that gently cushions the screen, making sure it stays in perfect condition.

      Dual-mode Stand

      MagSmart Cover is not just good to look at, it’s totally practical too —the clever folding cover can be instantly positioned for comfortable typing, or as an adjustable stand for using the tablet as a photo frame or video viewer.

      Typing stand
      Video watching stand
      folding step

      Your tablet deserves a MagSmart Cover!

      Made from durable, ultra-light materials that feel wonderful to the touch, MagSmart Cover adds hardly any weight or bulk to your tablet. All the ports and connectors remain accessible, making MagSmart Cover feel like an integral part of the tablet rather than just an afterthought.