VPN-firewall router SL1200

    ASUS Internet Security VPN Routers offer the highest performance with unprecedented throughput rate of 80Mbps for VPN, 100Mbps for Firewall, and 90Mbps for NAT.

      An Internet Security solution you can count on!

      SL1200 up to 50 VPN Tunnels
      The ASUS SL1200 VPN Security Router possesses all the advanced functionalities of an Enterprise-grade Firewall, NAT router and VPN (up to 50 Tunnels). In addition, the SL1200 also supports Virtual DMZ, Intrusion Detection and Protection, Stateful Packet Inspection Firewall, and URL filtering. These features let the small and medium enterprise gain considerable security for their Network.


      • Up to 50 VPN tunnels
      • Integrated 4-port switch
      • Internet sharing compatible with AOL, Messenger, ICQ and more.
      • Static and dynamic NAT
      • VPN + Advanced Firewall Security Throughput: Up to 100Mbps at 1024 bytes
      • PAT (Port Address Translation)
      • IKE (Internet Key Exchange)
      • DOS (Denial of Service) Protection
      • IPSec (IP Security)