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Remote Working and Multitasking Made Blissful: ASUS GlideX

Nov. 10 2022

Author: ASUS    Reading time: 4 minutes

A man starts his work-from-home day by joining an online meeting on the laptop with the data demonstrated on the monitor at the same time. His phone is at hand

Nov. 20 2022

Work from home is here to stay, and people are accommodating better every day. Virtual meetings and presentations have been optimized and widely considered as effective digital communication solutions in the post-pandemic era. With the advent of remote working tools, you can now work anywhere you want! Hybrid working offers the flexibility of getting work done without having to go to the office.

In addition, business travelers and digital nomads can stay connected across multiple devices everywhere they go.

  • But Hybrid Working May Not Always Go Smoothly…
  • How GlideX Enhances Remote Working
  • Your Work and Play Space On-The-Go

But Hybrid Working May Not Always Go Smoothly…

As companies are adapting their working practices to the current circumstances to stay competitive and increase output, some may feel their productivity dipping due to inadequate digital tools used when outside of the office. In fact, the issue was often quoted as a common hurdle among remote professionals — even before the pandemic.

For example, when you’re at home or on the go, you’re unable to access your office dual screen setup as well as other productivity tools usually provided by the company.

With only a single screen, it’s challenging to multitask and work efficiently, especially for tasks that require you to open and view multiple documents simultaneously. This is just one of the many issues that can make remote working a frustrating experience.

ASUS GlideX makes multitasking across screens effortless wherever you are. Whether you’re at the airport, your favorite coffee shop, or in a cab, you’ve got all the essentials at your fingertips to work effectively.

How GlideX Enhances Remote Working

ASUS GlideX is a cross-device productivity tool that gives you a bigger and better space for work and play. Here are two main features to look out for to optimize your remote working experience.

Check out the video below to see how GlideX works!

Screen Extend

Screen Extend function gives you dual-display access anywhere by turning your smartphone or tablet into a secondary display. This feature gives you more screen space and lets you access files and programs across multiple displays in full view.

Screen Extend enables you to view the file on the secondary display, for example a tablet, when in a meeting.

Take Video Meetings Anywhere

Mirroring your computer screen to a portable device using GlideX allows you to continue your meetings anywhere at home. Move the teleconference to your balcony lounge chair for a change of scenery or to your kitchen counter without missing a beat.

A man is in a video conference on his laptop and checks the page they’re discussing simultaneously on a tablet thanks to GlideX Screen Extend feature.

Turn Your Tablet Into a Secondary Display

Presenting on a large screen? With a nifty secondary display, GlideX lets you view your notes and talking points without interrupting your main screen. You can now stay focused with lesser distractions during important client meetings, sales calls, and top-priority presentations.

GlideX also lets you work across screens and devices for more efficient multitasking. With the app, you can turn your tablet into a secondary screen to enjoy more space and the luxury of dual-display convenience anywhere you go!

This function is especially useful for analytics and research, video editing, online meetings, and more. Launch multiple documents, files, and windows, and have everything you need on-screen at once.

You’ll be surprised by how much your productivity can improve with this free service. For ad-free, dynamic streaming, and higher image resolution options, you can also explore the various premium choices available.

A woman opens a presentation on her laptop and notes down business ideas on a tablet via GlideX Screen Extend feature.

Screen Mirror

Screen Mirror function lets you project screens of your mobile devices, such as a smartphone or a tablet, onto your computer, enabling you to use your keyboard for mobile tasks and enjoy more screen space on a mirrored display. Simply project the content from your device’s screen to your PC for enhanced convenience and viewing experience.

All you need to do is connect your devices via Wi-Fi or USB for a smooth workflow instantly!

Check out this page to get started
Project the screen on the mobile device to the laptop to control the smartphone via laptop, without needing to switch between devices.

Project Smartphone on Your PC to Boost Productivity

You can mirror your phone screen to a PC display with ASUS GlideX, which makes your work experience seamless and less distracting. No more troublesome switching between devices—this feature keeps everything on one screen so that you can focus on the tasks at hand.

Reviewing design work for a website or a text-heavy document on your phone? Demonstrating a phone app function to your team online? Simply cast your phone screen to your PC for easy keyboard input and more generous screen space.

Your Work and Play Space On-The-Go

Being able to tap into the power of digital tools and services gives you an edge and takes your workflow to another level of efficiency. Start using this digital nomad app today and enjoy a seamless cross-device experience outside the office.

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