Colorist and DaVinci Resolve Instructor at VISION2SeeBlake Jones

A Real Game Changer…

As a colorist with over thirty years of experience in grading films, commercials, and television shows, I know how vital it is to have a monitor you can trust. When I started using the Asus PA32UC-K monitor I was wondering how it would compare with other grading monitors I have used. I must say that I am extremely impressed. The performance, quality and stability of the monitor is exceptional. I was surprised that there was even a calibration probe included along with internal calibration software.

I tried out the calibration using the supplied probe and it worked flawlessly and delivered great results. I also updated the firmware in the monitor which is updated regularly and is also very easy to do.

The menu structure in the monitor is great and easy to use. The stand that comes with the monitor is extremely rugged and very flexible. I am very critical of viewing angles as when you are grading with a customer, you need to know that your client is seeing the same result as you are. I found this was no problem with the monitor.

The monitor also exhibits the usual sleek design as seen in other Asus products. It comes extremely well packed and the documentation is excellent.

I also tested this monitor side by side with other HDR monitors and I have to say that it can certainly hold up against monitors that have far greater price tags. Previously the HDR monitor market was dominated by much higher priced monitors. This is a real game changer as this monitor is truly exceptional.

I frequently teach color grading classes and students always ask about grading monitors. I have no hesitation at all in recommending this monitor. In the end I feel very comfortable having this monitor as my grading reference display in the grading suite.