Secure Business Mobility

    • Powered by the latest 2nd generation Intel® Core™ processors
    • Super Hybrid Engine extends battery life to 10 hours* for all-day
    • An elegant design less than an inch thin for maximum portability
      ASUSPRO P Series -Secure Buiness Mobility

      Super Slim, Ultra-Portable and Incredibly Beautiful

      Combined with its extremely slim and beautiful sub 1-inch thin design, the P41SV notebooks can be easily slipped into any backpack or briefcase. Combining this attractive form factor with the technical advancements of the Super Hybrid Engine offers extra performance and a boosted battery life. It has raised the bar ever further, creating the most powerful ultra-portable in the world.

      10+ hrs Battery Life* for All-Day Computing

      Thanks to exclusive ASUS Super Hybrid Engine technology, the P41SV notebook can switch between different power modes depending on the task at hand. This leads to big power savings, so the notebook lasts up to 10 hours giving you the freedom to use it without frequent recharging. Extend your computing range with confidence and free yourself from wall-tethering worries.
      *Mobile Mark 2007 reader mode with Super Hybrid Engine Battery Saving mode and 8cell 5600mAh battery, wireless LAN/BT turn off.

      Theft Protection with LoJack for Laptops and Intel® Anti-Theft Technology **

      Anti-theft lojack-get it,and get it back

      Sold separately, LoJack for Laptops gives you the ability to lock, delete, locate and recover your stolen laptop, while Intel® Anti-Theft Technology provides additional security with remote system disabling. When the laptop is recovered, it can be easily reactivated and returned to normal operation.

      How does Anti-theft Software works?

      The Anti-theft Software is Installed properly Notebook is Stolen Owner reports the notebook theft to local police office and server
      The anti-theft team forensically mines stolen notebook information Location of the stolen notebook is traced and identified Recover the notebook with police agencies