Experience bright, crystal clear 40” HD 1280 X 800 projections from a distance of only 1 meter. ASUS Set-n-Go Technology allows for quick easy use thanks to Instant On/Off, Instant Height Adjustment, and Auto Keystone Correction functions. Highly efficient LED lighting provides up to 10X longer lifespan plus big energy savings.

    Simply plug-n-play for instant access to your documents and multimedia files with the built-in SD Card Reader and speaker. PC-Free Office Viewer and Multimedia Playback support MS Office, PDF, and a variety multimedia file formats, letting you view these files through onscreen projections without a PC or laptop. Moreover, its compatibility with most ASUS laptop power adapters makes it the ideal ASUS business combo.

    Bright, Crystal Clear Display

    200 ANSI Lumens

    Operating at a brightness of 200 ANSI lumens to allow project displays with professional precision and complete clarity of color and detail.

    HD 1280 x 800

    The P1M is able to display content and visuals in HD 1280 x 800, so whatever is seen on screen precisely matches the original content viewed on a notebook or PC.

    Eco-LED Light Source

    Sharp images, crisp text and vibrant colors are all possible thanks to the most innovative and updated DLP technology. Moreover, the mercury-free eco-LED light source used in the P1M has a lifespan of up to 30,000 hours. To put that into perspective, it would last for 20 years if it is used 4 hours daily. Additionally, it also ensures whisper-silent operation.

    Quick, Convenient Control

    5 Seconds On and Instant Off

    The P1M can be quickly set up to provide crystal clear projections in as little as 5 seconds from power-up without any need for long warm-up times. There is no cooling down period required either, powering off instantly.

    Auto Keystone Correction

    An Auto Keystone Correction feature can detect the P1M’s orientation and automatically corrects distorted trapezoid images that result from an angled projection. This saves the user the time and hassle of having to adjust the image.

    Short Distance with Big Screen

    With a short throw ratio of 1.16:1, users can enjoy HD projections the equivalent of a 40" display with only one meter away from the screen. At this size, even a 8-point font can be visibly seen and read clearly.

    Instant Height Adjustment

    The P1M enables instant height adjustment thanks to a flip-down stand that can be quickly adjusted to suit the task at hand; saving the user a considerable amount of time when compared with traditional adjustable screw-stands.

    Built-in SD Card Reader and Speaker

    Simply plug-n-play for instant access to your documents and multimedia files.

    Multi-Format PC-Free

    PC-Free Office Viewer and Multimedia Playback supports a variety of MS Office, PDF, and multimedia file formats, letting you view these files through onscreen projections

    Utmost Mobility

    Ultra-Slim and Lightweight

    The ultra-slim and compact P1M tips the scales at just 415g, and has dimensions similar to a CD case (W12.5 x H3.3 x L13 cm). It fits most small bags, making it ideal for those constantly on-the-go.

    One Power Adapter for Business Combo

    To further lighten the load, it works with most* ASUS notebook AC power adapters (≧65W). One notebook and projector sharing a single power adapter makes it the ideal business presentation combo that delivers the one-two punch in the boardroom.

    * Power adapter compatibility is subject to change without notice. Please kindly check your power adapter before purchase.

    Award-Winning Design

    ASUS Design engineers penned the lines of the P1M with the user in mind, giving it the instant height adjustment flip-down stand and making it compatible with most ASUS notebook AC power adapters. Its internal thermal design and the use of highly thermal conductive magnesium alloys together increase cooling efficiency to ensure the P1M operates silently and rarely overheats.

    The P1M joins a long list of award-winning designs that come from the ASUS Design offices; It recently bagged Good Design Award in Japan, iF Gold Product Design and red dot Design Awards in Germany, and 2012 Computex Best Choice Award in Taiwan.