ASUS P2B Portable LED Projector, 350 Lumens, WXGA (1280*800), Built-in Battery, Short Throw, Multimedia Player

    • Compact design with embedded notebook-quality battery fits easily into any briefcase
    • 350 lumens-rated long-life LED light source for HD 1280 x 800 visuals
    • Quick setup time with instant on/off capability and auto keystone correction
    • Short throw projections of 42” from just 1 meter from the screen
    • Built-in HDMI/MHL, mini VGA, USB port, microSD card reader, earphone out, and speaker
    • PC-Free Office Viewer and Multimedia Playback for videos, photos, music

      The Future of Projectors

      The days of the heavy and bulky projectors are over with the ASUS P2B projectors. Light and portable, these LED projectors are easy to set up, affordable yet durable, and can project clear, bright images.

      Bright, Crisp Projections

      350 ANSI Lumens Brightness

      HD 1280x800

      30,000-hour Rated Lamp

      P2B projectors operate at a brightness of 350 ANSI lumens to give you professional-grade projections of outstanding color clarity and detail. DLP projection technology ensures sharper images and clearer text. P2B projectors display content and visuals in HD 1280 x 800, so what’s projected precisely matches what you see on your notebook or PC. The mercury-free eco-LED lamp used in P2B projectors has a 30,000-hour lifespan. To put that into perspective, you can use the projector for four hours daily for 20 years.

      Embedded Battery

      The P2B has an embedded notebook-quality battery that gives you up to 90 minutes* of projection time at 300 lumens without compromising image brightness or quality.

      *Increased projection times (max. 2 hours) on lower brightness settings

      Quick, Convenient Setup

      5 Seconds On and Instant Off

      P2B projectors have no warm-up times and are ready to go in as little as 5 seconds from powering up. They power off immediately either, without having to cool down.

      Instant Height Adjustment

      The P2B features a 2-way height adjustable flip down stand and can be set up and ready in just seconds.

      Auto Keystone Correction

      An Auto Keystone Correction feature ensures you get perfect projections by detecting the P2’s orientation and automatically correcting distorted images from angled projections.

      Short Throw Lens

      P2B projectors have a short throw ratio of 1.1:1 to give you 42” projections even with it placed only a meter away from the screen; and up to 120” projections from a distance of three meters. That’s about four times the size of a 32” TV screen!

      Screen Size

      30” 40” 42” 60” 80” 100” 120”

      Distance (m)

      0.71 0.95 1 1.43” 1.90 2.38 2.86

      Dynamic Key Control

      The 12-button grid found on both the P2 control panel and remote is identical to the layout you see onscreen, giving you intuitive control.

      Made for Work and Play

      PC-free File Access

      The P2B projector lets you conduct presentations even without a PC. It gives you access to documents and multimedia files stored in your microSD card or USB storage device, as well as files saved in its 2GB of storage space.

      Rich Connectivity

      Rich Connectivity

      The P2B features HDMI/MHL and mini VGA ports to provide maximum compatibility with various devices. Users can easily connect the P2B to PCs, notebooks, mobile devices, and other multimedia sources. There is also a built-in microSD card reader and USB 2.0.

      MHL Charging Feature

      The P2B charges MHL-enabled devices while simultaneously projecting their content at sizes of up to 120”. Users need not worry about their mobile device running out of charge while in the middle of a presentation.

      * For a full MHL-enabled product list, please see www.mhlconsortium.org

      Enhanced Portability

      Compact and Lightweight Design

      The ultra-slim and compact P2B tips the scales at just 656g, and has dimensions similar to a CD case (142.5x130x34.6mm). It’s portable and fits perfectly in your bag.

      The One Power Adapter Business Combo

      To further lighten your load, it works with most* ASUS notebook AC power adapters (≧65W). One notebook and projector sharing a single power adapter makes it the ideal business presentation combo and multimedia enjoyment.

      * Power adapter compatibility is subject to change without notice. Please kindly check your power adapter before purchase.

      Remote control with laser pointer

      The exclusive P2 card-type remote with laser pointer lets you control presentation slideshows*. In addition, it can control MHL-compatible Android phones, and includes video playback controls as well.

      *For those PC-free files load from USB, microSD card or built-in storage space.