Extreme Computing Desity with 2U 4 Node, 1600W 80Plus Platinum, 1+1 Redudant PSU

    As the ASUS latest flagship server based on AMD Opteron 6100 processor platform, RS720QA-E6/RS12 serves the customers with quad DP system in a 2U chassis, with 16 DIMM slots supporting up to 256GB memory capacity per node. The impressive features include high efficiency redundant power supply, hot-swap functions, remote management and high reliability, meeting the demand of HPC and enterprise applications.

      AMD-based Extreme Computing Density for HPC Applications

      Extreme Computing Density

      The ASUS RS720QA-E6/RS12 supports 96 cores in the 2U chassis and 16 DIMM slots up to 256GB memory capacity per node, delivering outstanding performance and extreme computing density. The server has four nodes in the 2U space, with 96 computing cores and 64 DIMM slots in total. It is also ready for the next generation 16/12/8 core AMD CPU.

      Intelligent Power Management

      Built with 1600W 80Plus (Platinum Level) redundant power supply, the RS720QA-E6/RS12 enables over 90% power efficiency for AC-DC conversion and allows auto-switch between 1+1 and 2+0 power supply mode, providing dual 1600W power supply in 1+1 mode to the maximum for enterprise applications, or one 3200W power supply in 2+0 mode to the maximum for HPC. In addition, the load balancing function allows two power supplies to undertake the work loading.

      Easy Maintenance with Considerate Mechanism

      The RS720QA-E6/RS12 provides several considerate designs for easy maintenance: hot swappable HDD, fans and power supply, even hot pluggable node for convenient online service and replacement; and there is individual front panel for each node for separate operations.

      SAS 2.0 (6G) Storage Technology Supported (Optional)

      The RS720QA-E6/RS12 supports optional ASUS PIKE upgrade kit, with only a PIKE riser card and a PIKE card, the server is upgraded from SATA storage to SAS storage. It’s so easy and cost-effective!

      Real-Time Server Remote Management

      Optional Web GUI ASMB4-iKVM upgrade kit enables full control to server with function keys and remote server screen. Meanwhile, ASWM software provides easy deployment and management with user-friendly interface and delivers centralized management, asset management, notification mechanism and integrated BMC BIOS update.

      ASWM Enterprise Supported

      In order to provide easy deployment and management for customers, the RS720QA-E6/RS12 is bundled with ASUS exclusive ASWM enterprise management software. Now you can have an effective tool with user-friendly interface to control the servers remotely.