Mass Storage Capacity in a 2U Chassis with 92% Power Efficiency

    Based on the Intel® Socket R E5-2600 processor platform, the ASUS RS720-X7/RS8 server offers customers assured quality of service with high memory capacity, outstanding power efficiency, quad LAN, and mass storage. It also enables comprehensive server management and flexible RAID, offering functional integration that makes it an excellent all-round choice for any IT application.

      High performance and mass storage 2U server

      Mass storage capacity in a 2U chassis

      The RS720-X7/RS8 features eight SAS/SATA 2.5”/3.5” hard drive bays and supports up to 24TB storage capacity in 2U. Its hot-swap design provides 24/7 non-stop service, high availability, and easy upgrades.

      Up to 92% power efficiency

      Equipped with 1+1 redundant 770W 80 PLUS Gold power supplies, the RS720-X7/RS8 saves users money on energy costs while maintaining strict environmental protection standards. The two power supplies also utilize a hot-swap design that allows work to continue even if one of them requires maintenance or replacement.

      Extensive expandability

      The expansion slot design includes up to one PCI Express 3.0 x16 slot and six PCI Express 3.0 x8 slots, meeting future expansion demands with ease.

      Quad LAN support

      Four LAN ports offer higher networking bandwidth with load-balancing and fault-tolerance functions. The RS720-X7/RS8 supports ASUS-made and most other available 10Gb/s LAN cards for the fastest networking currently possible.

      Intelligent thermal design

      The front-parallel placement of the CPU and memory guides smooth airflow throughout the chassis, while smart fan control technology adjusts fan speeds automatically based on system load.

      Flexible RAID

      The RS720-X7/RS8 supports optional ASUS RAID PIKE upgrade kits. With these, users can integrate server capabilities with greater data security and quickly upgrade storage from SATA to SAS.

      Built-in remote server management

      The web and graphical interface-based ASMB6-iKVM module lets users fully control the server with out-of-band management using the IPMI 2.0 standard for real time remote monitoring. Additionally, ASWM Enterprise provides one-to-multiple centralized management, including BIOS flashing, remote control, power control, and asset management, all via a user-friendly interface.