Ultra-dependable and high security thin form factor client

    ASUS provides a complete thin client featuring the new Intel® Cedar Trail platform and integrated management via ASWM Enterprise. The ASUS TC710 ensures reliable computing and high security in a slim form factor, perfect for manufacturing, banking, digital signage, hospitals, and more.

      Elegant and Highly Reliable Thin Client

      Integrated Management for Servers and Thin Clients

      ASUS ASWM Enterprise provides one-on-many centralized supervision, including central security management, client deployment, BIOS flashing, remote control, and asset oversight, all through a user-friendly interface. These management tools greatly reduce IT costs for enterprises users.

      Low Total Cost of Ownership

      The TC710 has no hard drive or optical drive, requiring lower hardware costs and power consumption. Support for VDI applications allows full utilization of the server’s computing capabilities to improve performance and lower hardware acquisition costs even further. In addition, the TC710 has been designed for high power efficiency, on its own saving around 70% on energy draw compared to a typical desktop PC.

      High Data Security with WES7 and ASWM Enterprise Protection

      USB flash accessibility and the EWF features of WES7 are all centrally-controlled by ASWM Enterprise. Information can only be accessed from the server, thus preventing virus threats from external media. ASWM Enterprise also controls the access of registry tool, providing higher levels of protection than anything previously available on value servers.

      Compact and Stylish for a Tidier and Better-Performing Client

      Slim and lean, the TC710 can fit almost anywhere. It includes a VESA-mounting mechanism, which allows each unit to be attached to the back of a monitor to save more space. It can also be rotated for flexible front and rear I/O port access. With its elegant design, the TC710 offers new Intel® Atom™ Cedar Trail technology for superior processing power and enhanced energy saving features.