A Stylish and Versatile Family Entertainment Notebook

    Stylish, contemporary and versatile. The F50Z is designed to be the definitive notebook for the family. Powered by an AMD Turion™ 64 Dual Core mobile technology and AMD M780G Chipset boasting both computing efficiency and powerful integrated graphics respectively, the F50Z is the perfect addition to any household, for everyone in the family.

      High Definition Entertainment for the Family

      Indulge in a multimedia extravaganza as the F50Z provides users with a 16-inch High Definition display, with high contrast rates, brightness and color saturation. Boasting a resolution of 1366 by 768 powered by an equally impressive integrated AMD M780G, HDMI support and Blu-ray optical drive, the F50Z delivers cinematic audio and visual clarity with much ease.

      ASUS Total Video Communication

      With three cutting-edge technologies – LifeFrame, SmartLogon and Virtual Camera, ASUS offers you a complete solution to communicate wirelessly, making it easier for you to log on to your system, capture and edit images, and video conference with multiple parties in separate locations at the same time. Totally convenient and totally innovative – that's the ASUS way!

      The F50Z is a notebook designed to add a dash of style and entertainment to its surroundings. Crafted with the ASUS new generation Infusion technology and boasting a 16-inch widescreen display with 1080p High Definition visual performance, the F50Z is the notebook of choice for any modern family.

      Style and Substance in Equal Measure

      The F50Z utilizes the ASUS new generation Infusion technology. The results of such treatment to the lid, palm–rest and touchpad is a highly decorative and shiny surface, yet resolutely resistant to surface abrasions, helping it maintain its high gloss and design immaculate all the time. A newly adopted chiclet keyboard - with a concavity cap design and tight key spacing that eliminates dust accumulation - boasts dedicated numerical input that presents users with the familiarity of a conventional keyboard while delivering comfort while typing.

      ASUS Express Gate - 8 Seconds Boot Up*and Instant Online

      In addition to its unique technologies and software features, the F50Z boasts the latest iteration of Express Gate operating system that enables ultra fast bootups and access to a host of commonly-used features, including a web browser, an instant messenger, Skype, a photo manager, a music player and online games.
      *subject to system configuration

      *Actual performance figures differ and are dependent on product specifications and usage.