Refresh Your Senses with Subtle Fragrances

    Delight your senses with the elegantly designed and refreshing scent of the F6Ve. Draped with a special “Libera” exterior, the F6Ve subtly delivers a refreshing scent to the user, invigorating the senses. With Express Gate users can access their most commonly used programs instantly, while Power4 Gear helps conserve energy for extended computing hours.

      Choose between Performance and Power with Power4 Gear

      Power4 Gear Hybrid facilitates the deployment and usage of power according to the users’ preferences in relation to the specific tasks that they need to perform

      Access Commonly Used Programs with Express Gate

      Express Gate allows users to boot up in 8 seconds*, granting them instantaneous access to a built-in operating system that runs commonly-used applications such as Skype™, a music player, an email client and an Internet browser.

      A Feast for the Senses – Intricate Design and Subtle Fragrances

      Utilizing a hot transfer method, the F6Ve is covered in a special glossy “Libera” exterior and tastefully decorated ‘wing-like’ waves. Complementing this is the F6Ve’s ‘perfumed’ keyboard which is available in 2 scents, namely ‘Musky Black’ for the F6Ve-1I, and ‘Morning Dew’ for the F6Ve-1J. Once turned on, the scent is released to provide a soothingly calm atmosphere for day to day computing anytime, anywhere.