Possibilities UnLimited

    • ASUS Turbo33 technology, which works with Intel® Turbo Boost technology to greatly improve performance.
    • All-day computing with over 10 hours of battery life*
    • Powerful audio entertainment with Altec Lansing® speakers and SRS Premium Sound™
    • Beautiful brushed aluminum cover and fingerprint-free matte black metallic palm rest

      UnLimited Performance with ASUS Turbo33 Technology

      It’s hard to believe that a notebook so slim can pack a potent processing punch, but that’s exactly what the ASUS UL80Jt does. This is thanks to groundbreaking ASUS Turbo33, which works in tandem with Intel® Turbo Boost Technology to enhance system performance by up to 33%—making light work of demanding tasks such as video playback. Only ASUS Turbo33 is able to unleash the full power of 1066MHz RAM, leaving competing notebooks—which are limited to 800MHz performance—in its dust. When going full-bore isn’t necessary, Turbo33 can be disabled with a simple press of a dedicated button. This added flexibility is made even better by the new generation of Intel® Core processors, now featured in the new UL80Jt.

      UnLimited Graphics Performance and Energy Conservation

      With the ASUS UL80Jt, smooth, detailed graphics and lengthy battery life are no longer incompatible expectations. That’s because it is equipped with NVIDIA Optimus technology that automatically chooses the best graphics processor for running a given application—either a discrete NVIDIA G310M GPU or an integrated Intel® GMA HD chip—delivering outstanding performance while also providing great battery life.

      UnLimited Style

      Under an inch thick—measuring only 14.8mm at its thinnest point—the ASUS UL80Jt makes a new statement in style. Despite its unparalleled slimness, the notebook is surprisingly robust due to its hardy-yet-feather light brushed aluminum lid and aluminum alloy structure. A fingerprint-resistant matte black metallic palm rest and anti-dust chiclet keyboard add to the unmitigated grace and glamour.

      UnLimited Computing on the Go

      Designed for all-day computing, the UL80Jt is capable of delivering over 10 hours of battery life* with the help of ASUS exclusive Power4Gear, an intelligent power management tool that allows you to tailor the deployment of power on the fly to suit specific tasks. Adjusting the notebook’s power consumption is incredibly easy—simply select one of four modes and Power4Gear will perform the necessary optimizations.
      * With an 8-cell 5600mAh battery.
      ** Subject to system specifications and usage.

      UnLimited Audio Entertainment

      The ASUS UL80Jt features a pair of downward-firing Altec Lansing® speakers located at the base of the notebook that bounce audio off any surface to amplify volume by 30% compared to speakers found on conventional notebooks. In addition, SRS Premium Sound™ enables the UL80Jt’s high definition speakers to deliver a thoroughly compelling virtual surround audio experience.