OC Panel


2.6" LCM


  • Pure hardware-based overclocking support
  • Boot debug POST code
  • Intuitive tunning in two OC modes
    • EXTREME Mode for subzero OC benching
    • NORMAL Mode for in-chassis usage
  • Seamless integration with CPU Level Up at one-click OC button
  • Real-time control and display CPU fan speed, temperature, BCLK and RATIO
  • Adjustable system voltages, frequencies on-the-fly
  • Stylish design with 90 plus-degree-tilt movable faceplate (EXTREME Mode)
  • FanSpeed Control button
    • Standard/Silent/Turbo mode
  • 4 additional 4-pin fan headers
  • LCM backlight on/off
  • ROG exclusive features
    • VGA Hotwire
    • Subzero Sense
    • Slow Mode
    • Pause Switch
    • VGA SMB header
    • ProbeIt

I/O Ports

POWER:1 x SATA power connector
ROG_EXT port:1 x 18-1 pin data connection port
FAN: 4 x 4-pin extra Fan connectors


Voltage: +12V, +5V, +5VSB
Power consumption: 5A

System Requirements

1 x 5.25" drive bay required for NORMAL Mode installation
1 x SATA power cable from system power supply


Maximus VI Series (Extreme/Formula/Gene/Hero/Impact), Rampage IV Black Edition and other motherboards with ROG_EXT port
*Visit the ASUS website at for the latest motherboard support/compatibility lists
**Please install the latest utility/firmware (ROG Connect PLUS) for better compatibility.
***Update the motherboard BIOS to the latest version for better compatibility with OC Panel.
****Extreme Mode capabilities, including V1, V2, DRAM and other voltage definitions, vary by chipset. Please refer to your motherboard manual for details.
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