No installation required, just Plug & Link!

    - Easily share internet and ODD functionalities
    - Instantly sync and transfer data between 2 PCs

      No installation required, just Plug & Link!

      The ASUS CrossLink 2/4GB cable provides high speed file transfer between two PCs with ease, and also share other functions such as Internet access and optical disc drives. A 2GB flash storage is also built-in into the dongle, enabling users to store and share their files. With no drivers to install prior to use, the ASUS CrossLink provide instant plug and link convenience while on-the-move.

      Data Link - Transfer data between 2 PCs

      With data transfer rates of up to 20MB/s, the ASUS CrossLink cable allows users to conduct file transfers between two computers in no time.

      Folder Link - Sync user's data between 2 computers

      The Folder Link feature allows users to synchronize data between 2 computers in 3 ways:
      1. Synchronization of data in both folders.
      2. Copy all the files from the local folder to the remote folder.
      3. Copy all the files from remote folder to the local folder.

      Outlook Link - Sync Outlook data between 2 computers

      The ASUS CrossLink cable helps users maximize their productivity by allowing them to synchronize their Microsoft® Outlook between two computers. Capable of synchronizing Contacts, Inbox, Calendar, Task, Note and Sent items, it automatically and very conveniently backs up all important emails and documents.

      Remote Share - Share Internet and DVD/CD Drive

      The ASUS CrossLink allows users to tap into another computer’s optical drive, allowing them to install or read programs from optical discs, even when their computers do not come with an optical drive. It also allows users to share a common Internet connection for instant online access, without having to depend on the availability of wireless connectivity.

      Flash Share - Manage your files on the USB flash drive

      The ASUS CrossLink cable is equipped with a built-in 2GB flash drive, which allows users to store documents and folders via simple drag and drop interface. The interface also allows for categorizing documents, as well as searching for specific file types instantly.