Spectrum Cover

    Spectrum Cover

    Dress your MeMO up in colorful textured cover

    • One-piece impact resistant slim cover uses hardened plastic
    • Includes scratch-preventing screen overlay
    • Custom pattern matches MeMO design for beauty beyond the device
    • Every port and button remains accessible but gains protection from dust
    • Available in four vibrant colors and snaps into place with a single push!

      Practicality and beauty converge in a snap-on cover designed especially for MeMO Pad. Made of durable materials to protect against impacts and screen damage, it offers a stylish look with choice of three distinct colors. Built to last, the cover has been fabricated with a cool texture, and keeps functionality maxed with openings for all ports and buttons. If you want to make the most of your MeMO Pad experience while enhancing its looks, this is the accessory to choose.

      Completed protection-Cover with screen protector!

      Spectrum Cover
      Custom pattern matches MeMo design for beauty beyond the device
      Screen Protector
      Includes scratch-preventing screen overlay