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ASUS ProArtist Awards 2023: Unleash Your Creativity and Win Big

Apr 19, 2023

Author: ASUS    Reading time: 6 minutes

The ASUS ProArtist Awards 2023 key visual depicting a single tree standing in the middle of a forest with a light circle surrounding it.

Apr 19, 2023

The ASUS ProArtist Awards are back, and this time, it's all about "Seeing an Incredible Future". We teamed up with world-class creative experts, Pantone® and Calibrite® to give artists the ultimate outlet for creativity.

The contest is open to artists from around the world and features four exciting categories. The competition will award prizes worth a total of more than US$100,000 — including cash, computers and other ASUS creator products, as well as Pantone® & Calibrite bundle to help winners bring their visions to life.

This is an incredible opportunity for aspiring artists and content creators as well as experienced creative pros to showcase skills and compete with other talented individuals on a global platform.

Read on to learn more about this year's ProArtist Awards and how you can participate.

2023 Theme: Seeing an Incredible Future

“Seeing an Incredible Future” is the theme of this year’s contest. Renowned photographer and member of the ProArtist Award judge panel, Jord Hammond, expresses it well when he says “Seeing an incredible future means a future of possibility, sustainability, and efficiency.”

For this year’s contest, we challenge creators to incorporate elements of an imagined green future.

To add a fascinating aspect to the contest — and celebrate our exciting new ASUS Spatial Vision technology — we want to challenge creators to break through the traditional boundaries and dimensions of art, and to extend reality through creativity.

In essence, we are asking creators to celebrate environmental protection and innovative technologies — two concepts that can help ensure that the future is indeed incredible.

How Does the Contest Work?

The ASUS ProArtist Awards contest is open to all creators, regardless of their level or location. This year, artists will be asked to create artwork related to the “Seeing an Incredible Future” theme, choosing any of the four categories of expression (see Awards Categories section below). Our carefully curated panel of judges will select a main winner and runner-up in each category.

Award Categories

The ProArtist Awards accepts entries in four categories of expression:

  • Photography- Take a photo that aligns with this year’s theme, in any style you’d like — be it nature, landscape, wildlife, culture, or anything else, really.
  • Graphic Design- Design a graphic that depicts how you see the incredible future. You can pick any format: poster, comic, game art, 2D concept art, digital art, or any other digitally generated original artwork.
  • Film- Create a short (up to 60 seconds) video that aligns with this year’s theme. The video can be a short film, music video, stop motion, or anything else.
  • Animation- Create a short animation (within 60 seconds) that aligns with this year’s theme. Pick any format you like: 2D, 3D, hand-drawn or Flash, stop motion, motion graphics, or live-action with animated characters.

For more details on the specifications of the artwork, please visit the ProArtist Awards website.

Additionally, there is a special award this year to celebrate our partnership with Pantone®

  • Pantone® Special Award- We will be offering an additional award. The experts from the world’s leading authority on color will select one artwork in each category with the best color harmony and story, while integrating the color of the year for 2023: Viva Magenta 18-1750. This award will be selected from entries in the four categories listed above; no separate submission is required.

Selection Criteria

The winners will be decided by a diverse panel composed of invited judges as well as the ASUS ProArt team. The judges will consider the following factors in making their decisions.

  • Creativity and uniqueness
  • Wow-factor and eye-catching appeal
  • Relevance to the competition theme
  • Aesthetics
  • Skills and technical execution

How to Participate in the Contest

To participate in the ProArtist Awards 2023 edition, submit your work following the four steps below:

  • Become an ASUS member: Sign up for an ASUS account and log in via the ASUS member system.
  • Submit your work: Upload your artwork via the ProArtist Awards official website.
  • Share your work: Share your submitted entry via Instagram and use hashtags #ASUS #ProArtistAwards2023. You can also follow @ASUS and @ProArt accounts to join the monthly lucky draw.

There are a couple of rules that all artists will need to follow when participating in the ProArtist Awards 2023. For more information, please refer to the ProArtist Awards 2023 website. Please note we do not accept AI-generated entries.

You are free to enter multiple categories if you wish. However, you can only submit one entry for each of the four categories, and each entry can only be submitted for a single category.

As a big bonus, all entrants will be automatically entered into a “lucky draw” that will take place once each month for the duration of the contest. This is a chance for you to win top-notch equipment that can take your creation to the next level ― even if you do not win the contest. All you need to do is share your entry on Instagram while using hashtags #ASUS and #ProArtistAwards2023, Follow @ASUS and @ProArt on Instagram, and join our Discord channel.

We strongly encourage you to join the Discord channel, where you can share your artwork with fellow participants and experts if you wish and collect their feedback, as well as simply connect with like-minded artists.

What Can You Win?

ProArtist Awards 2023 is a great chance for you to take your creation to the next level. Big rewards await the winners. With over US$100,000 in total prize value, there is plenty of good stuff that you can win.

Cash rewards that add up to US$60,000 await winners and runner-ups in each of the four main categories. The main winners will receive US$10,000, and second-place winners will be rewarded US$5,000.

On top of that, we’re also offering plenty of professional-grade ASUS ProArt computer equipment made with creators in mind, including laptops, monitors, desktops, and other items.

And if that wasn’t enough, a winning artwork might be selected as a demo project that will demonstrate the amazing ASUS Spatial Vision technology in ASUS stores all over the world.

The winners of the Pantone Special Award will receive a Pantone® and Calibrite® product bundle, including professional color-calibration equipment and Pantone Formula and Skin Tone Guides, as well as a 1-year subscription to Pantone Connect.

All winners will also receive a trophy and a digital certificate ― which are great for adding to your workspace walls.

The intangible rewards are perhaps the biggest reward, however. One of our judges and a renowned creator himself, Josiah Brooks, a.k.a. Jazza, notes that “the biggest challenge for creators today is being noticed”. This contest offers a perfect chance to showcase your skills and creativity in front of world-class experts as well as other creators, techies, and art enthusiasts.

The global publicity your art will receive can very well prove to be the tipping point for your career, allowing you to gain clientele, audience, and recognition as an artist. Many world-class creators, media, and ASUS will be covering the Awards, highlighting top works.

Meet the Judges

Your artwork will be carefully reviewed, and the best entries will be selected by top-notch artists and experts in each field, as well as representatives of renowned educational institutions, Pantone® experts, and the ASUS team.

Some of the judges for the 2023 ASUS ProArtist Award include massive names like Josiah Brooks, a.k.a. Jazza, Abbi Jacobson, Clinton Jones, a.k.a. pwnisher, Jord Hammon, Reuben Wu, Jacob and Katie Schwarz of Mystery Box, Remy Williams, and Johnason Lo. For more details, visit our website.

Get Creative, Win Big, and Showcase Your Craft

The ProArtist Awards 2023 is a great chance for artists from all walks of life to elevate their careers and a perfect outlet for their creativity. Whether you win or not, the exposure you’ll gain is invaluable. And who knows? Perhaps yours will be the artwork selected as the best in the category, and the injection of cash and top-notch equipment may be just what you need to take your creator career to the next level.

Don't hesitate, participate! Submissions will be accepted from April 15 to July 15, 2023. Click the button below to learn more and sign up!

Join ASUS ProArtist Awards 2023 “Seeing an Incredible Future” challenge