Customer Self-Repair (CSR) - Related Q&A



General Questions

Q. What is CSR?

CSR is shorthand for our “Customer Self Repair” program, which lets valued customers like you exercise your right to repair. After an eligible part is confirmed to be malfunctioning via the ASUS Diagnostic Tool (ADT) from the MyASUS app, you can request replacement parts online through ASUS Customer Self-Repair.


Q. What is the advantage of CSR?

Save yourself the time and inconvenience of sending your laptop away for repair and enjoy the fast and friendly service of CSR.


Q. What countries provide CSR service locally?

Currently CSR service is only available in United States, and Canada .ASUS will continue to improve the shipping, delivery, and the coverage of our CSR service to more countries in the near future. 


Q. What ASUS products are eligible for CSR service? (Product type and model)

CSR is currently only available for 1) notebook products shipped and sold after 2019 and 2) products within warranty and preloaded with the MyASUS app (a few models are excluded).

Check your CSR eligibility:

a. Product Serial number (API (Application Programming Interface) is required. This S/N query page can be linked on CSR Intro page or on MyASUS)

b. If an eligible hardware problem is confirmed after running the ASUS Diagnostic Tool in the MyASUS app, you will be guided to our Online RMA site to apply for the Self-Repair.

Q. What components can I replace via CSR service?

Currently, only Hard Disk drives, SSD , Memory, and Power adapters are eligible for CSR service.


Q. What is the CSR process?

You can refer to the following instruction for CSR process:

● Run “ASUS Diagnostic Tool” from the MyASUS app.

● If an eligible part is confirmed to malfunction, submit an online CSR application form

● ASUS will ship out the replacement parts after receiving your succssful application

● ASUS advises you to complete the repair as soon as receiving the components

● Return the defective part to ASUS using the packaging you received your replacement


Apply for CSR

Q. How to apply for CSR?

Please run the ASUS Diagnostic Tool in MyASUS app. When a specific eligible hardware malfunction is confirmed in MyASUS, you will be guided to the online RMA website to apply for CSR service.


Q. The malfunction/problems in my device is not confirmed in MyASUS. Can I still apply for CSR?

If your computer does not have any hardware issue/error confirmed after running the diagnosis in MyASUS, then you cannot apply for CSR. If you still suspect hardware malfunctions in your computer, you can apply for the regular repair service on the Online RMA website 


Q. If multiple hardware malfunctions are confirmed in MyASUS, can I apply CSR for multiple parts in one application?

You can only apply for one component for the repair in one single CSR application. If there are more than one hardware malfunctions confirmed in your computer, we suggest you apply for the regular repair service via online RMA website. The Service Center authorized by ASUS will collect your computer for complete checkup and repair. 


Q. Why is the deposit required when I apply for CSR if my product is within warranty?

After you apply for CSR service, ASUS will send a working replacement part to you and charge the deposit (according to the part’s market price). After you repair and replace the defective component and send it back to ASUS with our confirmation, the deposit will be returned to you. For more information, please refer to the CSR Terms and Conditions.


Q. What can I use to pay the deposit?

Please check the local CSR policy on your region’s ASUS website. If you have additional questions on the CSR deposit, please contact your region’s ASUS Service Center.


Q. How do I check if the deposit has been returned to me?

As soon as ASUS receives and confirms the malfunctioned components have been delivered, ASUS will notify you via email after 3 to 5 days and your prepaid deposit will then be returned.


*If you want to apply for CSR service for HDD or SSD, please follow the SOP instruction stated in this FAQ


Receive the Components

Q. What items will I receive from ASUS after applying for CSR?

You will receive a well-sealed package containing: 
1) Like-new replacement part, 2) a repair form, 3) and an airway bill for returning CSR components with return shipping instructions. (Condition of Replacement part will follow local law and service policy)

Q. When will I receive the components after I successfully apply for CSR?

In general, after you complete the online CSR application, you will receive the replacement parts in about 3 to 5 business days.


Q. Where can I inquire or check if I don’t receive the components?

Visit our ASUS Support Website to check on the delivery status of your replacement part. Choose the Service query -> Check Repair status. Enter your CSR form number and personal information. You can check up the delivery status of your replacement part.


Q. Can I throw away the packaging with my replacement part arrives in?

Please be sure to keep and preserve the quality of the box you received with your CSR replacement part. You must return the defective part(s) with this original packaging.




Q. What tools do I need for repair?

Examine your device closely and review the teardown guide to see which screws you will need to remove for repair. You will either need to prepare a #1 Phillips or T5 Torx screwdriver, tweezers, a non-conductive pry tool, and anti-static gloves.


Q. What do I need to know before I start the repair?

Before starting your repair, please be aware of the surfaces, moisture, and lighting surrounding your place of repair. Ensure that the surface is the proper size for repair. We recommend the repair is completed on a light-colored surface so that you can easily organize and find smaller components, like screws.

Before you disassemble the device, please thoroughly read our article on Electrostatic Discharge. (  and ensure you disconnect your device from the power adapter

Before you start the repair, please remember to back up all the data in the computer and store in an external drive.


Q. Where do I find my computer's repair guide?

Go to the ASUS Support site -> Click Download Center -> Enter your product model.

Click Manual & Document and choose the Repair Guide as it shows on the screen.


Q. What should I do if I run into problems during or after the repair?

If you run into difficulties during your repair or if the device still doesn’t work after the repair, please visit ASUS Support Website and cancel CSR service.

Go to ASUS Support site -> Select Service query -> Check Repair status -> Enter your CSR form number and personal information. Click the “Cancel CSR service” button on the query page and then you will receive a confirmation mail from system.


Q. How do I Cancel the CSR service?

Go to ASUS Support site -> Select Service query -> Check Repair status -> Enter your CSR form number and personal information. Click the “Cancel CSR service” button on the Repair status page and then you will receive a confirmation mail from our system.


Q. What do I do if I cannot correctly replace the part?

If you still cannot correctly assemble the components even after you have carefully followed the steps in repair manual, please do not forcibly install the component onto the computer as this action may cause serious damage

Please collect all the components that you have removed (including hardware screws and Mylar tape) and then pack them in the box you received with the replacement part, which is used for the CSR parts return. Visit our ASUS website and Cancel CSR service.


Q. I lost a screw during repair. Can I replace with any similar-looking screw?

If you think the screw is lost, please be sure to check whether the screw is left in the interior of computer case. If the screw is left on the motherboard, it might lead to the short circuit or the damage. If you lose your screw and cannot find it, please go to the ASUS Support Site and cancel CSR service.

Do NOT replace the missing screw with another incompatible screw as this might strip or break the thread and damage the computer or case. 


Q. Will my warranty be affected if my product/device is damaged during the repair process?
If you correctly install the component onto the computer by following the instructions in the repair manual, the damage caused will not affect the warranty. For more information, please refer to Terms & Conditions.


Return the Components

Q. How do I send the defective part back to ASUS?

After you complete the repair, please put the defective part that you replaced into the original packaging you received with the replacement part and with the airway bill attached. Follow our return shipping instructions and contact the delivery company which will help ship the components back to our facility.


Q. I lost the return airway bill. How do I reprint it?

Go to the ASUS Support site -> Select Service query -> Check Repair status -> Enter your CSR form number and personal information. You can find your airway bill on the query page and print it from home.

Q. When should I return the components?

Starting from the day you apply for CSR service, you will have 14 days to complete the repair and return the defective part using our return shipping instructions.

Q. What will happen if I don’t return the defective part?

ASUS will send you reminder emails if you don’t return the defective part after you apply for CSR service. If the defective part hasn’t been sent back after 14 days, under our Terms and Conditions your part retention will be recognized as purchasing the component and ASUS will collect your deposit and issue you an invoice.


Q. How do I confirm whether the defective part is successfully returned?

Go to the ASUS Support site -> Select Service query -> Check Repair status -> Enter your CSR form number and personal information. You can find the delivery status of the returned component on the Repair status page.


Q. How can I contact ASUS if I have more questions?

Please visit ASUS Support site -> Select Service query -> Check Repair status -> Enter your CSR form number and personal information to get to the query page. Click “Contact Us” at the bottom of page to get the further support.