[Graphics cards]Liquid Metal

[Graphics cards]Liquid Metal is a low-melting alloy which has liquid state at room temperature. Liquid metal provides excellent high thermal and electrical conductivities with properties such as high stability, low volatility, and non-toxic.
Liquid metal GPU cooling: Harness the incredible thermal efficiency of liquid metal on the GPU die to achieve breakthrough performance. With an exclusive production method that securely limits the liquid to the die area, this graphics card can be mounted in any orientation.
· Feature description
ASUS exclusive anti-leak design: The thermal module with Liquid Metal is on the top of GPU. There is a special design with anti-leak fence to prevent Liquid Metal leakage.
Mechanical precision with automatic process: For best performance, ASUS custom equipment automates the process with mechanical precision to use the appropriate amount with caution.
· Important note :
Liquid Metal is with conductive, so it may cause risk of short circuit when electrical components on the motherboard are in contact. D not recommended that users disassemble the thermal module by themselves.


LARGER COPPER PLATE : The full-coverage copper cold plate covers all the heat producing components on the PCB, allowing the radiator to efficiently dissipate the heat without the need for an additional fan and result in quieter operation.。


POWERFUL PUMP : A customized and powerful pump optimized for water flow, feeding ample coolant through 700 mm of tubing to the radiator to maximize cooling on the die, keeping the ROG Matrix GeForce RTX 4090 running at peak efficiency