[LCD Monitor] The disassembly and assembly method for ASUS VZ series stands.


Here's the assembly method for the monitor stand:
Example: VZ27EHF place the monitor flat on a soft cloth on the desktop, attach the rubber pads, then connect the base to the monitor stand, and use screws to securely fasten them.

Note: The illustration of the rubber pads is as follows. (Please refer to the electronic manual of each model for the actual presence of rubber pads.) 


Manually adjust the monitor to the most suitable viewing angle within the range of -5 degrees to 23 degrees.


2.1 Disassembling the stand/base (applicable for VESA wall-mount installation):
①Remove the stand cover.
②Loosen the screws.
③Remove the stand.

*The VESA wall-mount tool kit (75 x 75 mm) is available as an optional accessory.
*Only use wall-mount brackets listed by UL with a weight/load capacity of 12 kilograms or more (screw size: M4 x 10 mm).