Superb Powerful 1U Dual Opteron Server

    Support Dual Opteron CPU with Dual Core and 64bit OS
    Support of Dual Core Opteron 200 CPU enables immediate performance upgrade, and 2 CPU Sockets will bring 4 CPU performance!!
    64-bit OS provides larger virtual memory space and higher performance for mission critical applications

    Highly Memory Expansion Capability
    With 8 DIMM slots, it can support 16GB DDR400 ECC Registered memory.
    DDR400 is most available in the market with reasonable cost!!
    Highly memory capacity can well meet critical computing environment needs
    More Memory slots ensure higher scalable & flexibility for future upgrade

    RAID Options Provide Extra Data Integrity Protection
    Hot swap design lowers downtime in system maintenance
    SCSI RAID provides affordable RAID 0, 1, 1E functions for reliable data protection

    Equipped with Dual Server Class PCI-Express Gb LAN
    The built-in Broadcom PCI-Express Gb LAN is most available/professional server network connection solution
    Teaming and failover function ensures higher bandwidth aggregation and reliable network connection

    Great Expansion Capacity
    Supports PCI-E x16 *1 via riser card or PCI-E x8 *2 through Butterfly riser card, enables connection of high speed PCI-Express base RAID cards, multi-port LAN cards, fiber-channel cards expansion
    PCI-Express interface provides higher bandwidth for high speed, which means performance!!

    Key Spec:


    Dual AMD® Opteron™ 200 Series, Dual Core Ready


    nVidia nForece4 2200 Professional


    8 x Registered/ECC DDR 400 DIMMs Maximum up to 16GB memory space


    PCI-E x16 *1 via riser card
    or PCI-E x8 *2 through Butterfly riser card

    On-board Chip

    2 x Broadcom® BCM5721 PCI-E Gb LAN