ASUS GeForce® 210 offers a silent card for HD home theater PC entertainment

  • Silent passive cooling means true 0dB - perfect for quiet home theater PCs and multimedia centers.
  • Lowers graphics card EMI by 66% for more stable operation, clearer display, and safer computing.
  • LP Bracket bundled HTPC ready design. low profile bracket bundled.
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      Satisfy your Silent Demand of Home Entertainment with ASUS GeForce 210

      ASUS Exclusive Innovation

      0dB Silent Cooling
      0dB Silent Cooling
      Perfect for building a hushed HTPC
      Exclusive ASUS-designed heatsinks with large surface areas effectively cool graphics cards passively so absolutely no sound is produced while running - perfect for high definition and silent home theater PCs and multimedia centers.
      EMI Shield
      Clearer signals and safer usage
      ASUS reduces 66%* of electromagnetic interference both given off and received by the card - resulting in a more stable signal, clearer screen display, and a safer, healthier computing environment.
      EMI Shield
      DirectX® 11
      LP Bracket bundled
      HTPC ready design. low profile bracket bundled.

      Graphics GPU Features

      NVIDIA GeForce
      Powered by NVIDIA® GeForce® 210
      Compatible with Windows7
      40nm GPU
      Less power consumption & more efficient transistor
      Compatible with Windows7
      NVIDIA® PhysX™
      Play games with advanced effects such as blazing explosions and lifelike characters with 10X faster switching between graphics and physics processing, enabling more complex effects to be rendered in real time.
      NVIDIA Force with CUDA
      Unlocks the power of GPU’s processor cores to accelerate the most demanding system tasks
      Compatible with Windows7
      New higher resolution displays
      Dual-link DVI delivers 2560 x 1600 screens on flat-panel displays for bigger and clearer images in everything from gaming to productivity

      I/O Ports Highlight

      1 X Native D-Sub
      1 X Native DVI-I
      1 X Native HDMI
      1 X Native HDCP Compliant