ProArt Color Center

ProArt Color Center is an online tool designed to help administrators manage the color accuracy of multiple ProArt displays that feature hardware calibration support. Users can check when the monitors were last calibrated, next recommended calibration date, and schedule calibration times for multiple monitors―even if they’re using different color parameters and/or situated in different locations.

ProArt Color Center software UI setting being showed on a ProArt Display

Remotely manage multiple monitors

Most studios have several creative teams, each with varying needs. Using ProArt Color Center, studio administrators can remotely check and calibrate the color parameters of a studio’s monitors. This allows control of settings and standards for ensuring consistency as image and video data moves through various production stages.

ProArt Color Center can manage the color accuracy of multiple monitors with different color spaces

Simple color management

ProArt Color Center allows administrators to set up and calibrate ProArt displays in different locations, allowing for collaboration between individual content creators and studios on shared projects.
ProArt Color Center simplifies this process by allowing administrators to define and establish parameters for separate groups. They could, for example, schedule monitor calibration for a design team in London that works with sRGB and a Taipei-based video editing team that uses DCI-P3.

A video editor is working on a video project, and a graphic designer is editing a photo

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