Flexible Expandability and High Capacity Storage Server (in Inglese)

    The ASUS TS500-E5/RX8 is an excellent tower server caters to businesses that require high availability applications, as well as offers multiple choices for storage RAID solution with ASUS unique PIKE Technology.

      Flexible Expandability and High Capacity Storage Server

      ASUS Innovative PIKE Upgrade Kit Provides Seamless RAID Solution
      TS500-E5/RX8 is designed to work with a wide rang of configurations. With ASUS innovative PIKE technology, TS500-E5 is able to support SAS RAID 0, 1, 1E, 10, 5, 50, 6, 60. The customers can choose the appropriate level of RAID protection with easy and cost-effective SAS upgrade kit.

      ASUS Flex-E Technology Allows Flexible PCI-E Expansion
      The ASUS Flex-E technology enables auto-switching of PCI-E slot bandwidth. TS500-E5/RX8 has four PCI-E slots in total, and one of which can be auto-switched between PCI-E x 16 (x 16 link) and PCI-E x 16 (x8 link). With PCI-E x 16 (x 16 link), the server is able to support professional graphic card.

      Mass Storage with Hot-swap Design
      With ASUS PIKE, the server can be upgraded to support a maximum of 8 HDDs, providing mass storage capacity for customers. In addition, the hot-swap design of HDDs bays supports online upgrade and maintenance.

      Redundant Power Supply for Reliable Uptime
      The TS500-E5/RX8 supports dual power supplys for redundant functionality, which makes the system reliable and provides non-stop service in business-critical applications.

      Power-saving with DDR2 Support
      TS500-E5/RX8 supports latest DDR2 memory. The maximum 24GB memory capacity support is able to meet the needs of various computing-extensive applications.