Struttura in alluminio, bassi incredibili

    - Design ergonomico & progettazione Air-flow
    - Bassi potenti e minimo ingombro
    - Perfetta risonanza grazie al corpo in alluminio
    - Preciso posizionamento sonoro
    Product Image

    Aluminum-forged, Magnificent Bass

    All –in- one Satellite and subwoofer speakers

    • Powerful bass, half the space
    • Tired of huge, cable-tangled 2.1 speakers? uBoom provides equivalent bass power with just 50% space

    Reference Angle sound imaging

    • Always in the Sweet Spot!
    • Having a hard time positioning your satellite speakers? With fine-tuned speaker angle, you always enjoy precise sound image as in studio!

    Patented maze-like bass port design

    Bass travels longer and more powerful!

    Aluminum sound resonating

    uBoom's aluminum cover resonates with sound waves generated to remove unwanted overtones, creating a more balanced, soothing listening experience.