Extreme AX850XT PE/2DHTV/256M

    Extreme AX850XT PE/2DHTV/256M

    Potenciado por ATI Radeon X850 XT VPU

    -ASUS GameFace Live
    -ASUS VideoSecurity Online
    -ASUS OnScreenDisplay
    -Salida TV HD
    -2 Salidas DVI
    -Incluidos los más calientes juegos 3D

      ASUS Extreme AX850XT Platinum Edition
      ASUS Extreme AX850XT Platinum Edition is equipped with exclusive ASUS innovations and ATI RADEON X850XT Platinum Edition VPU. Extreme AX850XT Platinum Edition delivers state-of-the-art cinematic resolution for demanding 3D applications. It advances High-Definition Gaming with blockbuster features, such as ASUS GameFace Live, VideoSecurity Online, OnScreenDisplay (OSD), and ATI SMARTSHADER SMOOTHVISION 3Dc ASUS Extreme AX850XT Platinum Edition is a complete solution for the new PCI-Express market.

      Why ASUS is Better?
      ASUS GameFace Live for real-time video/audio communication.
      ASUS VideoSecurity Online for building a private security system.
      ASUS OnScreenDisplay (OSD) allows adjusting various display settings without leaving the game.
      High-Definition TV output for big screen gaming or presentations.
      2 DVI outputs for easy connectivity to digital flat panel display.
      Hottest 3D games bundled including Joint Operations & Xpand Rally

      Chipset Feature
      SMARTSHADER™ HD: full hardware acceleration of Microsoft DirectX9.0 programmable vertex and pixel shaders in hardware.
      SMOOTHVISION™ HD: 2X/4X/6X anti-aliasing models.
      VIDEOSHADER™ HD: seamless integration of pixel shaders and video in real time.
      Hyper Z™ HD: 3-level hierarchical Z-Buffer with early Z test. Lossless Z-Buffer compression (up to 48:1)
      3Dc™: high quality 4:1 Normal Map compression; works with any two-channel data format.
      CATALYST™ Software Suites