AAM6000UG Series

    AAM6000UG Series

    ASUS ADSL USB módem

    Gracias a la característica de auto-instalación de USB (plug and play), resulta bastante fácil instalar el módem en ordenadores o portátiles. Podrá realizarse acceso de alta velocidad y con gran ancho de banda.

      ASUS ADSL USB Modem
      ASUS AAM6000UG series USB ADSL Modem offers Local Exchange Carriers and Internet Service Providers with a cost effective DSL Modem solution. As a full rate ADSL Modem, it is capable of speeds up to 8 Mpbs downstream, and 640 Kbps upstream, ASUS AAM6000UG USB ADSL Modem providing a simple installation procedure for the end-user and a small footprint to conserve desk space.

      To ensure full compatibility, the ASUS AAM6000UG USB ADSL Modem was tested with all major DSLAMs, and is compliant with major ADSL standards including T1.413i2, G.dmt and G.lite. The ASUS AAM6000UG USB Modem has been carefully designed to maximize performance while extending loop reach.

      ASUS AAM6000UG USB ADSL Modem makes ADSL easier then ever. With truly Plug-and-Play installation, this high-performance ADSL Modem is easily installed on computers or notebooks with their Plug-and-Play Universal Serial BUS (USB) interface; high-bandwidth access is achieved almost instantly with throughputs greater than ever.

      The ASUS AAM6000UG USB ADSL Modem is compatible with Windows 98/98SE, Windows ME, Windows 2000, and Windows XP

      Full rate ADSL USB Modem
      Supports speeds up to 8 Mbps downstream, 640 Kbps upstream
      T1.413 Issue 2, G.dmt, and G.lite compliant
      Supports full range of ADSL standards
      Compatible with all major DSLAMs
      Ideal for SOHO environment
      Plug-and-Play installation
      Driver Uninstall capability
      Annex A, and Annex B (AAM6300UG) support