ASUSPRO Business Desktops

    Secure, reliable, and budget-friendly performance for SMB

    The business world is constantly changing. To stay ahead, companies require higher standards of efficiency, data security and reliability. We strive to understand what you think, feel and do. This has led us to create the best business machines and is the reason behind us being voted the world’s most recommended Windows desktop brand.1


    Designed to Do More

    Greater agility and faster response times are now necessary traits for success but these can only be realized through true organizational change. Powered by up to 7th gen Intel® Core™ Processors, our industry-leading desktop solutions are built with ultimate efficiency in mind, opening a new gateway to sustainable business growth.


    Faster and Better

    ASUSPRO business desktops comes with DDR4 memory, providing twice the speed and consumes 20% less power than DDR3, allowing it to deliver excellent productivity and performance, making it the ideal choice for enterprise users.


    See More, Do More

    Expand your desktop workspace with dual displays with up to 4K/2K resolution via VGA, DisplayPort, and HDMI options, giving you the ability to expand their desktop workspace and multitask on two displays without the need for an additional VGA card.
    • 2

      Independent displays

    • 4K

      Display Resolution

    • 0

      Extra VGA card needed


    Intuitive, Ergonomic, Expandable

    ASUSPRO D324MT features a 20-liter case, offering a prefect balance for space-saving and expandability. The desktop has four expansion slots, including PCI, PCI-E x 1, PCI-E x 16 slots and a M.2 header to keep device extremely upgradable. Some helpful designs are also introduced to the newly design PC, the handy top handle design makes it extremely easy to left the PC and move it around with a single hand; while the hard drive activity light and reset button are located right next the power button.


    Easily Connect to A Wide Variety of Devices

    ASUSPRO business desktops are designed for convenient connectivity, equipped with USB 3.1 Gen 1 ports, HDMI, DisplayPort and VGA port, it can easily connect to other commercial devices. Serial and parallel ports are both optional, freeing up the multiple PCI Express slots for additional upgrades.

    ASUS WebStorage

    Access your data anywhere, anytime

    Share your files and pictures with 1TB free space for 1 years, wirelessly share your files across multiple devices. With a keyword search, you can find the relevant files in no time. Record and upload the important meeting notes with snap shots, and then access them on any devices.

    Industry Leading Reliability

    ASUSPRO business desktops are designed to provide the best quality, reliability and usability. ASUSPRO Desktops have been certified by users and authoritative research institutes for their industry-leading performance on critical test items.


    Tested for Perfection

    ASUSPRO business desktops are subjected to a series of rigorous noise, vibration, drop, and thermal shock tests to ensure they meet our exacting standards and exceed those used by other manufacturers. So you can rest assured that your new computer can cope with extremes of dry, icy -40°C to hot and humid 60°C environments, as well as the bumps and knocks during shipping.

    Learn More
    • Vibration Test

    • Drop Test

    • Port Test

    • Temperature and Humidity Test

    • Noise Test

    • Line Voltage and Frequency Test

    Solid Capacitors

    Utmost Durability

    ASUSPRO business desktops are made with the world’s best motherboards and employ premium solid capacitors. These high quality components provide utmost durability, improved longevity, and enhanced thermal performance.


    Total Physical and Virtual Protection

    Safeguarding intellectual property, business information and physical assets is becoming a management priority, especially in today’s knowledge economy. ASUSPRO understands that, so our desktop solutions are built with sophisticated security features to keep your business, and your future, safe and secure.
    • Kensignton lock slot

      ASUSPRO desktops come with a Kensington lock for additional asset management and security. Keeping your hardware and confidential data inside well protected.
    • USB ports read/write control

      ASUSPRO desktops provides a mouse-controlled interface that enables more flexible and convenient input, including system management tools like I/O port activation.
    • Chassis Intrusion Alert

      Brings up special security alerts when the case has been opened, further ensuring the safety of components and data.

      * Optional.

    Back I/O Protector

    Additional protection for your accessories

    The ASUSPRO D324MT comes with a back I/O protector which can be easily locked on the chassis, preventing the accessories connected on the device from being stolen.


    Enterprise-Class Management

    With the growing complexity of enterprise IT environments, managing it – and managing it well – is putting a strain on organizational resources. ASUSPRO desktop management solutions are made to cut through this complexity. They simplify business processes, enhance operational effectiveness and deal with today’s issues so that you can focus on making tomorrow happen.

    ASUS Control Center

    Simplified Remote Control and System img/maintenance

    ASUS Control Center is ASUS' latest solution for centralized IT management. It is a convenient, secure and cost saving solution for enterprises and small and medium-sized businesses. ASUS Control Center provides one-to-multiple centralized management via a user-friendly web-based interface, allowing system administrators to conveniently manage company assets through a single portal.

    ASUS Business Management

    One Stop Management and Data Protection

    ASUS Business Manager is a set of program utilities that enables users to perform img/maintenance and optimization tasks in their PCs.
    • Customize power management and power saver

    • Easily update Apps, drivers, and BIOS

    • Easily delete cache, cookies, and history /Password-activated USB Lock

    • Easily reset, refresh, restore the PC and backup data anytime

    • Change BIOS logo when entering BIOS

    • Supports system information all you need

    Designed With the Environment in Mind

    The energy-efficient ASUSPRO business desktops protect the environment while helping lower businesses’ operating costs.


    Preserve the environment

    Committed to creating a sustainable future, ASUSPRO products adopt stringent environmental requirements at all stages of the product lifecycle, and are recipients of some of the industry’s highest environmental certifications.


    Enhanced Performance

    Our range of productivity-enhancing accessories is designed to help you boost the performance, flexibility and usability of your ASUSPRO business desktops.*

    * Accessories shown may not be available to all models, please check with your sales representatives for availability.

    • Serial Port Extension Card

    • Serial Port Bracket

    • Parallel Port Bracket

    • Parallel Port Cable

    1. Additional software license fee may apply, please check with your sales representatives for details.
    2. Product photos are for reference only, and the actual delivered goods shall prevail.