Cloud Usability, Zero Complexity

    As technology advances, computers continue to exponentially grow in power. This has created a situation where excess processing power can be split and rerouted, leading to the shared resource computing trend. Virtual desktops are becoming more popular, driven by the need to reduce power consumption, material usage, and acquisition costs. ASUS provides zero clients with Microsoft Windows® MultiPoint Server 2011 to fulfill the needs of users and accept more corporate social responsibility by encouraging greater shared resource computing.
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      Microsoft MultiPoint Server 2011Z5 –Cloud Usability, Zero Complexity

      Suggested Configuration Table ASUS Zero Client Solution
      Suggested Configuration Table
      ASUS zero clients tap into the excess power of a computer system, and share it across multiple end users. They are designed for education, professional training, libraries, SMBs, and kiosk applications, which all work great even with minimal resources and tech support per individual, yet still aim to provide users with an enjoyable and feature-rich experience similar to that offered by a Windows® 7 desktop.

      Reduce the TCO

      The Z5 reduces the total cost of hardware acquisition by 35%-50% (source: Gartner). This includes low acquisition costs, energy savings through low power consumption, high reliability, and easy maintenance, which in turn free up IT resources.

      Simplify the IT structure

      Z5 zero clients are easy to deploy as demand grows. Effortless scalability joins simple setup and management interfaces, flexible configuration options, shorter training cycles for users, and minimal support needs.

      Increase reliability and security

      With no hard drive or other kinds of storage, no active fans, and a patently simplified design, the Z5 is much more reliable than a traditional desktop. Also, with data all saved in the host server, zero clients vastly lower the risk of virus threats from external sources.

      Save the environment

      Energy saving is one of the main perks of a zero client like the Z5. Low power consumption and almost no heat generation mean an eco-friendly product, plus ASUS Green Design principles dictate the Z5 use less plastic and metal, ship with reduced packing weight and size, and overall minimize its ultimate environmental footprint.