Exclusive Aegis II Performance Monitoring App

The ROG-exclusive Aegis II application lets you monitor the system performance through a user-friendly interface. From here, you can tweak light effects and other system parameters – so you're always in command.


The LED effects across the four zones can be customized independently. On top of that, there are adjustable pre-set effects including Pulse, Wave and two OC light modes. These effects help set the ambience to reflect the feel of the game you're currently playing.


Boost Launcher automatically frees up memory and CPU resources to ensure smooth gameplay. It also shuts down pending applications to boost CPU and RAM performance, so your game fires up instantly.

Threshold Setting

You can set temperature and voltage thresholds and leave the system to maintain them automatically. It can also warn you if it exceeds these set limits.

System Usage

Monitor system performance and track CPU/memory use, download and upload status with a single mouse click.

ROG Band

The wearable ROG Band lets you access Shadow Drive - a hidden hard drive space that keeps your personal data secure and safe.

Turbo Gear

The Launcher lets you overclock GT51 with a single click.