ASUS Lyra has reliable WiFi services covered for Press Events at Computex 2017


Every year, ASUS presents to the world incredible new products at the ASUS and ROG international press events. Hundreds of journalists and bloggers from around the world gather with anticipation to catch a glimpse of upcoming tech, then share their thoughts and experiences through their own channels.

ASUS Press Event during Computex 2017

ROG Press Event during Computex 2017

The Momentous Task

Event holders always need to be well-prepared to provide a reliable WiFi service for a large number of different devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Each and every attendee must be able to send messages, photos, videos, news reports, and live stream simultaneously without fail. This year, ASUS depended on the new Lyra Mesh WiFi system consisting of 3 hubs for the momentous task.

ASUS Lyra Delivers Without Fail

Even with both events filled to capacity, the 3-Hub Lyra System proved to be dependable. At the ASUS press event on May 29th, 2017, more than 140 devices were connected simultaneously to the ASUS Lyra system. The three Lyra hubs needed to cover around 780m2 (approx. 8395 ft2). While at the ROG press event the day after, more than 120 devices were connected to the Lyra system. This time, the three hubs still had 660m2 (approx. 7100ft2) to cover.

ASUS Press Event (780m2): Lyra hub placement
@ Hua Nan Building, Taipei

ROG Press Event (660m2): Lyra hub placement
@ ATT4Fun, Taipei

Secure WiFi Access for All with AiProtection

Lyra provided a reliable WiFi service and also AiProtection for all connected devices. The commercial-grade network security feature stops common internet-based attacks before they reach the network. If an infected device is detected on the network, AiProtection blocks it instantly to prevent it from sending any personal information to malicious servers. AiProtection blocked eight potential threats during the event, protecting all other guests without disrupting any ongoing WiFi sessions.

The 3-Hub Lyra System has proven to be dependable even for large capacity events. The high bandwidth, number of connections, and coverage satisfied the journalists and bloggers attending our events. They were able to gain stable and secure internet access simultaneously for all their needs, whether live streaming, messaging, or transferring large amounts of data.