Your Life, Timed Right

ASUS ZenWatch includes a wealth of features to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle and achieve personal fitness goals.

ASUS ZenWatch ASUS ZenWatch

Now Is The Time for
A Healthy Life

ASUS ZenWatch includes a full-featured wellness manager to help you keep your life in balance.

ASUS ZenWatch

Your dedicated trainer

Tracks and displays a variety of health-related stats, including steps taken, calories burned, heart rate, activity duration, and exercise intensity.

You can set activity goals — such as a target number of steps to take in a day — and then monitor these goals on ASUS ZenWatch as well as in the Wellness app.

Measure Up,
Calm Down

ASUS ZenWatch uses a built-in biosensor to measure your relaxation level and then provides you with an easy-to-understand relaxation score and advice based on the results.

A Richer,
Healthier You Awaits

With ASUS ZenWatch and the Wellness app on your smarthphone, you can view daily and weekly activity summaries, presented as attractive and easy-to-understand timelines and charts.

ASUS ZenWatch ASUS ZenWatch ASUS ZenWatch ASUS ZenWatch
ASUS ZenWatch ASUS ZenWatch ASUS ZenWatch
ASUS ZenWatch

Calories Burned

Comprehensive view of activity time, steps, calories and distance. Check if you hit the activity goal.

ASUS ZenWatch

The path to better starts here

UP by Jawbone™ is a revolutionary system that guides you every step of the way to a better, healthier you. First, UP gets to know you—tracking your activity. Next, it shows you how to make simple adjustments that, over time, add up to a whole new you.