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Experience the Incredible: Game-Changing ASUS AI PC Features

Jun 03, 2024

Author: ASUS    Reading time: 6 minutes

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Jun 03, 2024

New ASUS Copilot+ PC models held the spotlight during Computex 2024. In this article, you’ll learn about innovative new ASUS Copilot+ PC features and how they can transform personal productivity.

ASUS Laptops Built for AI

ASUS Vivobook S 15 (S5507) was the first ASUS Copilot+ PC introduced in 2024. This slim and capable laptop built for handling AI tasks is loaded with either Qualcomm® Snapdragon X Elite or X Plus processors. Zenbook S 16 (UM5606) is an aesthetic ultraportable AI laptop released at Computex 2024 that features a premium Ceraluminum™ lid as well as geometric 3D grille design precisely crafted through CNC machining. Also highlighted during Computex 2024 was the reinvented and rebranded lineup of ProArt laptops. ProArt P16, ProArt PX13, and ProArt PZ13 are Copilot+ PCs that feature new ASUS AI-powered software designed to provide inspiration and streamline creator workflows with tools that assist in the process of creative production.

AI-Friendly Hardware

A man in a blue shirt is holding ASUS Vivobook S 15 with one hand and navigating the device with the other.

Users can now process AI workloads directly on their PC instead of sending requests for tasks to be completed in the cloud ― because ASUS AI PCs are equipped with hardware designed to handle AI. The Qualcomm® Snapdragon X Elite or X Plus processors in ASUS Vivobook S 15 deliver 75 TOPS of NPU performance for on-device AI computing. Each model also comes with up to 32 GB LPDDR5X 8448 MHz memory and up to 1 TB of storage for smooth gaming, creative work, and daily productivity assistance through AI. This new ASUS Vivobook also boasts 18-hour battery life, backed by intelligent power-consumption technology built into the Qualcomm® processor. Plus, for easy access to the latest Microsoft Copilot AI features, there is a dedicated Copilot key on the keyboard.

The newest member of the Zenbook lineup is the AI-powered Zenbook S 16. It’s equipped with the latest AMD Ryzen™ Strix Point R9 processor, AMD ® Radeon™ integrated graphics. Featuring a powerful NPU, it delivers performance of more than 45 TOPs. It also boasts up to 32 GB of memory and up to 2 TB of storage, ensuring smooth operation for any productivity task or entertainment. This elegantly designed laptop stays cool thanks to a vapor chamber and dual fans, which provide efficient and effective cooling.

ProArt P16, PX13 and PZ13 are AI PCs built for outdoor enthusiastic content creators that all deliver up to 320 TOPS performance and are able to adapt to a variety of usage scenarios. Creators of all types can now enjoy AI capabilities on the move and experience efficient content creation with these powerful portable studios. Learn more about this newly enhanced creator laptop series in this article.

Upgraded Meetings With AI-Driven Features

A man in a library setting is having an online video call using his ASUS Vivobook.

Copilot has already released many amazing AI capabilities in the first half of 2024, and more intelligent AI features are to come in the second half of the year. Proprietary ASUS software also helps elevate online communications. For example, ASUS AI Noise Cancellation is AI-trained reduction technology that isolates human speech and filters out ambient noise, delivering unmatched videoconferencing experiences.

Have you ever attended a meeting in which you are struggling to decipher accents? You won’t need to strain your ears and knit your brows anymore with Copilot Live Captions that display words being said as conversations happen. What’s even better is that now even Live Translation is available in Copilot. You’ll be able to understand what’s being said in another language on the spot in meetings, and the fact that this feature directly leverages NPU silicon gives users extra confidence on smooth performance with no latency thanks to strong ASUS Copilot+ PCs capabilities.

Distractions are reduced in meetings with ASUS AI Noise Cancellation plus the latest Copilot Voice Focus, Background Blur, Framing, and Eye Contact features. ASUS AI Noise Cancellation is an AI trained reduction technology that isolates human speech and filters out ambient noise. Visual distractions are reduced with precise Copilot background blurring and framing. Subjects are now better identified so silhouettes of hand gestures like an open palm or a yay pose with two fingers are also clearly visible and unaffected by background blurring. Sometimes presenters peek at their notes and the subtle movement of left to right in their pupils as they read can be visible. This may come across as distracting or even unprofessional for their audience, thankfully Copilot Eye Contact shows the presenter’s pupils as always looking into the camera so genuine, full-attention experiences are delivered to meeting participants.

Focus On Creation and Let AI Handle The Rest

The user interface of MuseTree is shown in the image. Circles of keywords and images are linked together to form a tree-like structure.

AI tools for creation are made to inspire creative minds and assist creators in discovering their full potential. Users now have options to draft ideas and create with Cocreator in Paint or MuseTree, and documents can be efficiently identified and shared with StoryCube. For example, with a rough sketch in Paint and a description of what the sketch should look like, Cocreator in Paint can produce a detailed image based on information provided. A similar function can also be achieved in MuseTree, a new creator software introduced in some of our latest AI laptops, where simple sketches can be transformed to complete artworks in just seconds. Document sorting is easy with StoryCube, which is also new in several 2024 ASUS AI PCs. With StoryCube, similar scenes and faces can automatically be identified, helping to speed clip selection. Clips can also be AI-generated in StoryCube, using your raw footage.

Learn More About Always Incredible ASUS AI-Powered Solutions

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The latest ASUS AI PCs are designed to help you communicate, create and be productive ― more efficiently than ever. Learn more about the incredible, groundbreaking new ASUS laptops by clicking the button below!

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