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Storytelling Redefined: New 2024 ProArt AI Creator Laptops

Jun 03, 2024

Author: ASUS    Reading time: 7 minutes

A man is sitting on a rock by a hiking trail with a ProArt laptop on his lap. A white Labrador is sitting in front of him looking out at the mountain scenery.

Jun 03, 2024

Stories are powerful because they inspire and influence the people they touch. Stories have the potential to change a person’s mind, or even alter the course of one’s life completely. During Computex 2024, ASUS launched a new lineup of ProArt AI Creator Laptops for content creators anywhere and everywhere. These models are robust, portable, and versatile. They are durable enough to endure harsh climates, so experiences in deserts or on snowy peaks can be documented and edited on location. They can be easily brought along on that camping trip in the mountains or to that extreme sports event. The new ProArt lineup allows content creators to curate their impactful stories effortlessly. How? Read on the find out more about these jaw dropping new creator laptops.

ProArt 2024: The All-Star Creator Laptops

The new ProArt AI Creator Laptops signal a huge pivot compared to previous ProArt models, which were primarily designed to stay in studios. New ProArt AI Creator Laptops are more portable and more intelligent, without sacrificing capabilities. The three models in this all-star lineup are ProArt P16 (H7606), ProArt PX13 (HN7306), and ProArt PZ13 (HT5306). Each new laptop features vibrant ASUS Lumina OLED displays for extreme clarity and color accuracy, offer up to 50 TOPS of NPU power, and are tested for military-grade durability.

The 4K Powerhouse ProArt P16

A woman is laid back in her van and using a ProArt P16 laptop with her legs propped up on the dashboard.

ProArt P16 is designed for all types of creators, whether you’re a studio creator, vlogger, sports enthusiast, cinematic videographer, or lifestyle content creator. This clamshell laptop is 14.9 mm thin and 1.8 kg light, considerably more compact than the previous generation to enable on-the-go creation. It’s powered by an AMD Ryzen™ processor with 50 TOPS of NPU performance, and it has up to an NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 4070 graphics card featuring NVIDIA Studio Driver support, providing 320 TOPS of GPU AI-processing power. All of this enables powerful AI features for creation. Users can expect optimal performance for demanding creative tasks on ProArt P16 as it is equipped with up to 64 GB LPDDR5X 7,500 MHz RAM and 2 TB of storage, with an option to max storage out at 4 TB. All-day creation is possible thanks to the 90 watt-hour battery. Creativity is made intuitive and control is customizable in creative software with the ASUS DialPad. A stunning 16-inch 4K ASUS Lumina OLED panel with touchscreen features provides PANTONE® validated color accuracy for precise creation and is TUV Rheinland certified for eye care, enabling a more comfortable experience during prolonged screen time.

The Dynamic ProArt PX13

A man in a yellow jacket is using the ProArt PX13 laptop in tent mode. He is in a wooden cabin in some snowy mountains.

ProArt PX13 is the first convertible ProArt laptop, and it is 15.8 mm slim and 1.38 kg light. The hinge goes all the way around in 360 degrees, enabling you to use it in laptop mode, tent mode, or like a tablet – which can be laid completely flat for better collaboration. It has strong capabilities, delivering 50 TOPs via it’s AMD Ryzen™ processor and up to NVIDIA® GeForce® RTX 4070 graphics with optimized NVIDIA Studio Driver providing up to 320 TOPS for AI-processing. It also features up to 32 GB LPDDR5X RAM and up a to 2 TB PCIe® Gen 4 SSD, so there are no compromises on power and it’s more versatile than ever. Creators have the freedom to view content on the 13.3-inch 3K ASUS Lumina OLED screens in diverse scenarios while controlling parameters with ease in creative apps using ASUS DialPad.

The Agile ProArt PZ13

A woman is using the ASUS Pen 2.0 stylus on the ProArt PZ13 laptop beside her tent. She is sitting by her red tent on the mountains overlooking the setting sun.

The incredibly light ProArt PZ13 is tailored for creators on the move. This detachable 2-in-1 laptop’s got you covered for on-the-fly editing during your travels, easy content sharing and review on your vehicle or in the mountains. The ultrathin 9 mm and 0.85 kg light body comes with a cover stand, ASUS Pen 2.0, and backpack, providing portability, adaptability to various environments, and precise control between features. This compact machine runs on the powerful Snapdragon® Platform, with 16 GB RAM and 1 TB of storage, and it comes with a long-lasting 70 watt-hour battery. You can enjoy all these amazing capabilities with this laptop weighing less than 1 kg!

Smart Software and AI Features Boosting Creativity

ProArt P16, PX13, and PZ13 models are all equipped with ASUS creator software and each is designed for easy access to Microsoft AI features. As Copilot+ PCs, these smart tools inspire ideas, boost creative efficiency, and streamline creator workflow throughout the whole creation process. Get creative juices flowing with MuseTree, a smart tool designed to inspire. After establishing your content direction and capturing raw materials, sort and organize materials efficiently with StoryCube. Finally, editing and postproduction is made intuitive and personalized with ProArt Creator Hub plus ASUS DialPad and Control Panel. All of these tools are available by default in all three innovative new ProArt AI Creator Laptops!


The user interface of MuseTree is shown in the image. Circles of keywords and images are linked together to form a tree-like structure.

MuseTree is a newly developed AI tool available in new ProArt laptops. If you feel like creating something but are unsure about where to start, MuseTree is the right application to turn to. If you have an idea and would like to see what it could look like, you can use ASUS Pen 2.0 to sketch up an outline. MuseTree will then transform your preliminary sketch into a final product with 4-5 variations to choose from to help you visualize your idea. Users can also search for ideas among a collusion of text and image categories grouped together in circles. After collecting potential creatives from the circles, MuseTree automatically generates related keywords. Drafts can be AI generated in MuseTree based on inserted keywords and creators can experiment between different styles with a click of the mouse!


The user interface of StoryCube is shown. A row of identified faces are listed in a row under the people category and similar scenes are grouped together under the scenes category.

StoryCube is an intelligent new one-stop file management software introduced in the latest ASUS laptops. Users can import materials from cloud storage and camera devices or export footage directly into creative apps and social media after sorting or even editing in StoryCube. After files are imported, they can be sorted intuitively by file name, location, and timeline view. AI in StoryCube can identify and group together people or scenes. For example, if you want to share memories with friends and family while organizing photos and videos, memory collection and highlight videos can be AI generated immediately and shared directly to various social apps.

ProArt Creator Hub and ASUS DialPad & Control Panel

ProArt Creator Hub is where creators can personalize settings to best fit their workflow through customizing control of their preferred apps, colors, and other usage settings. Users can choose different fan speeds to fit scenarios – there’s Full Speed mode for heavy processing and performance, Standard mode, and Whisper mode to minimalize distractions and stay focused. How much CPU and GPU power usage each app is taking up can be seen at a glance in the Performance Optimization feature, and users can choose which apps to prioritize for power consumption if necessary.

The improved ASUS DialPad & Control Panel now allows users to add personalized settings and manage functions of creative apps in ASUS DialPad controls, allowing precise and intuitive navigation of often used creative parameters.


As Copilot+ PCs, ProArt P16, PX13, and PZ13 all have a dedicated Microsoft Copilot key. The array of AI features in Copilot come in quite handy for creators and regular users alike, and they are all easily accessible. Read more about Copilot capabilities in this article.

Your Trusted Portable Studio

A woman is holding the ProArt PZ13 detachable laptop in one hand while scrolling with the other. She is in the snowy mountains in the middle of a trail.

In addition to power and portability, these new creator AI PCs are designed to be durable and eco-friendly. ProArt P16 and PX13 are both EPEAT Silver registered and ProArt PZ13 is EPEAT Gold registered. Click the link to learn more about ASUS endeavors to earn ecolabels.

These new ProArt model are made to be portable production studios creators and adventurers can rely on wherever they go. Each model has passed multiple military-grade tests, including altitude tests, temperature tests, and shock tests ― all to guarantee smooth usage in any environments. All three models are built to resist sand and dust intrusion, but ProArt PZ13 is rated as IP52, which means it can undergo 2 to 8 hours of dust blowing and sand splashing from any angle.

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