ASUS empfiehlt Windows 11 Pro für Unternehmen.
IceCool Technology keeps palm rests cool, placing heat-producing components away from users

X marks the color

Multi-color design uplifts your lifestyle

Cool patterned covers and palm rests evoke the feel of classic fabrics for a gentle urban touch, with colors including Dark Blue, Ice White, Lime Green, and Playful Pink.

Thin and subtle

Thin and subtle

Easy to grab and go

The slim and light form factor assures fashionable and effortless mobility, while minimalist motifs are executed using premium materials with meticulous attention to detail.

Thin and subtle

chiclet keyboard

Keeping computing comfortable

Ergonomically-designed chiclet keyboard

The back-assembled seamless chiclet keyboard means no more key float and inaccuracies. Additionally, it has won a prestigious iF Design Award for its attractive yet highly useful and ergonomic build.

IceCool technology

Keeps palm rests chilled

Custom ASUS design places heat-generating components away from palm rests, ensuring you enjoy a comfortable typing experience even after prolonged periods of use, with no sticky heat-up or wrist discomfort.

IceCool technology

ASUS SonicMaster Technology

Enjoy amazing audio

ork and enjoy faster with USB 3.0

ASUS SonicMaster on X401 notebooks delivers the best audio experience among mainstream notebooks. Designed by the ASUS Golden Ear team, it features engineering dedicated to sound experiences and a tailored mix of hardware improvement and software fine tuning. SonicMaster guarantees crystal-clear sound, deeper and richer bass, a wider audio range, and more sound power. It generates highly distinct vocals, and envelopes you in lifelike surround.

2-second instant on

Responsive smartphone-like user experience

2-second instant on

The X401 features an "always on” design thanks to ASUS Super Hybrid Engine II with instant on technology. It allows the X401 to resume from sleep mode in just 2 seconds, and provides up to two weeks of standby time. In addition, it automatically secures and backs up data when the battery drops to 5% charge.

*Actual X401 standby time may vary due to specific component performance, connected devices, and environmental differentiation.

Powered by Intel® processors

Provide smooth computing experiences

Available with Windows 8 and Windows 7, the X401A hold the power of Intel® Core™ i3 or Pentium™ processors, as integrated graphics with up to 4GB DDR3 video memory boost productivity and multimedia. It delivers the best mobile performance in its class for both work and play.

Work and enjoy faster with USB 3.0

Saves time the smart way

ork and enjoy faster with USB 3.0

Now standard on X Series notebooks, USB 3.0 transfers data up to ten times faster than USB 2.0, leading to quicker backups and access. When even a 25GB Blu-ray HD movie takes just 70 seconds to transfer, you can really say goodbye to long-wait frustrations.

*Actual USB 3.0 performance may vary by configuration and devices used.

Large touchpad

Intuitive and always

Large touchpad

Precision crafted to match screen proportions for a stylish effect and more intuitive control, the touchpad uses a larger input area for easier use, with multi-point response in gestures such as zoom, rotate, and scroll.


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