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    EeeBox PC EB1501

    EeeBox PC EB1501

    Experience Reality with Full HD

  • NVIDIA® ION™ platform and Slot-load ODD make it the ideal Full HD entertainment center for your living room.
  • The power efficient EeeBox PC uses 70% less power than a typical desktop.
  • New ballerina-inspired design results in a graceful, space-saving (1.5L) vertical form factor.
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    Full HD Home Entertainment Center in a Box

    The EeeBox PC EB1501 runs on the Intel® Atom™ N330 Dual Core processor and NVIDIA® ION™ graphics platform and features a slot-load optical disc drive (ODD) to let you enjoy multimedia content on your LCD TV in Full HD 1080p.

    The EB1501's Total Media Center supports multiple media and codec file formats while SimHD™ sharpens video and scales up your DVD/SD movies from 720x576p to HD quality at 1280x720p or higher.

    Pint-sized Powerhouse - Using 70% Less Power Than Your Average Desktop

    Thanks to Intel's energy efficient Atom™ processor, the E1501 gives you up to 70% in energy savings when compared to traditional desktops. ASUS'proprietary Super Hybrid Engine enhances system performance and allows the EB1501's power consumption patterns to be tailored according to your required level of performance.

    Right out of the box, the EeeBox PC EB1501 sets out to challenge the traditional "watching of DVDs on an LCD TV" home entertainment concept. With HDMI-output, a slot-load optical disc drive (ODD) and the ability to play content from your own media library in Full HD, the EB1501 is set to give your current home entertainment system a run for its money.

    Adding a Touch of Style and Grace to Home Entertainment

    The EB1501's modern, contemporary design is inspired by the style and grace of a ballerina. Its elegant, space saving (1.5L) "standing diamond" form factor gives it the distinction of being one of the world's smallest PC to have a slot-in ODD; mount it on the back of an LCD monitor to save even more space and create an all-in-one PC at the same time.

    Big things come in small packages and the EB1501 is no exception—with an array of I/O ports ensuring full connectivity. HDMI and S/PDIF output ports ensure a Full HD 1080p home entertainment experience with 5.1 channel surround sound; while the built-in 802.11n WLAN and Ethernet LAN port keeps you connected to your home network. Additional I/O ports include: D-sub, eSATA, card reader, headphone and mic jacks, and 6 USB ports.