ASUS recommends Windows 10 Pro.

    Essentio CM5671

    Essentio CM5671

    Enjoying the multi-media entertainment center freely

    Essentio CM5671 allows you to enjoy the multi-media world freely.
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      A pleasing multi-media experience

      CM5671 is equipped with Intel® Core™2 Quad / Core™2 Duo / Pentium processor and the dual-channel DDR3 memory is providing a much broader bandwidth than DDR2, which can process data with more efficiency and higher speed. Optional NVIDIA or ATI graphic cards can also provide high quality images and vivid visual enjoyment, allowing you to enjoy the multi-media any time you want.

      The video and audio enjoyment provided by home theater

      The optional Blu-ray DiscTM drive, and integrated 8 channel audio can support standard, enhanced or high-definition images and multi-channel digital audio signal through a standard digital interface (HDMI); meanwhile it can also ensure the data completeness during transmission to allow you a high-level video and audio enjoyment.

      Amazingly elegant cosmetic design

      The soft outline is inspired by the image of Dubai yacht-building and its smooth polished black curved surface, low-profile DVD-RW player and simple outline are specially designed for people of taste. Its simplicity in appearance doesn’t compromise its function at all. The slanted I/O port in the front, sufficient 4 USB ports, and the multi-media tray above designed for connecting any kinds of mobile devices you might have (MP3 player, high-end ear phones and camera memory card) are ready to provide you a great multi-media experience.

      Great expandability

      In order to allow you to enjoy the smooth and uninterrupted high definition images and audio effect, CM5671 can be expanded based on your personal demands. There are 4 DIMM slots allowing a capacity of up to 16GB and 2 HDD slots allowing you an utmost storage capacity up to 4TB.

      Low noise level (28db) & Energy-saving

      The Q-Fan technology exclusively owned by ASUS allows the system to adjust the CPU fan speed according to the system loading and interior temperature. If the system is not used for a while, the fan speed will be switched to low-speed mode so that the operation could remain silent or low-noise. The system’s noise level is as low as 28db in standby mode, allowing you to enjoy a comfortable and quiet usage experience. In addition, the exclusive EPU energy-saving technology can also help you decrease the amount of energy wasted.