Zenbook 14 OLED (UX3402)

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"Do you have a recent laptop PC to recommend to me that could be used for work and to relax? ". Balanced and efficient, the Zenbook 14 OLED (UX3402) is the ideal device that we can recommend without hesitation to answer this famous question.
The Zenbook 14 OLED is definitely a good pick in the premium ultraportable market. With this new model, ASUS offers us a machine designed with seriousness, capable of correctly exploiting the power of the Core i7-1260P without overheating and maintaining good autonomy (10 to 11 hours). There is also a beautiful OLED screen, combining a 16:10 format ideal for office use and a pleasant 90 Hz frequency for everyday use.
Asus has become a master in the art of concocting portable PCs offering the best ingredients, and intended to seduce even the most critical consumers. And the recipe for the Zenbook 14 OLED is really tempting: perfectly calibrated 90 Hz OLED screen, numeric keypad integrated into the touchpad, excellent cooling management...
The ZenBook 13 Oled is one of the best models in its category. This versatile, durable ultraportable is really pleasant to use on a daily basis. An ideal work tool on the go or at the office thanks to its powerful configuration and its superb OLED screen which provides very appreciable comfort for prolonged use. It ticks all the boxes of great value for money.
With its new Zenbook 14X, Asus once again demonstrates its expertise in ultrabooks. Light, elegant, silent, with an autonomy capable of keeping it away from a power source for a whole day, the Zenbook UX3402 has solid arguments to seduce nomads. As a bonus, it can count on its 2K OLED screen to stand out from its competitors. In a word, you will not be disappointed!