Nordic launch for the sucessor to the classic RT-AC68U router: ASUS RT-AX68U


ASUS Announces RT-AX68U

The RT-AC68U has been immensly popular since its launch in 2013. Now its getting a Wi-Fi 6 upgrade and a brand new design among other features. The Elegantly styled AX2700 home router supports brand-new free Instant Guard mobile app that allows users to secure any public WiFi connection with a single click.

ASUS today announced RT-AX68U, an elegantly styled WiFi 6 router that supports the exciting new Instant Guard security app.

RT-AX68U is a WiFi 6 (802.11ax) router for home users, featuring a 3x3 MIMO antenna configuration that supports wireless speeds of up to 2700 Mbps[1]. The router is designed to offer superlative WiFi coverage and stable connections for large numbers of devices. It also supports the brand-new Instant Guard app, an exciting — and completely free — new way for users to secure any public WiFi connection with just a single click.

Styled with modern lifestyles in mind, the sleek and elegant RT-AX68U has a slim vertical design that will blend in with any décor.


ASUS RT-AX68U will be available now in January with the following pricing: 2 290 SEK, 2 290 NOK, 209,90 € 1 590 DKK

WiFi that goes further

RT-AX68U is designed to deliver the widest possible WiFi coverage to a large number of devices, reflecting the increasing number of networked devices found in many home environments. It uses OFDMA, a new technology in WiFi 6 that allows signals to travel further than they can in WiFi 5. The vertical design incorporates a 3x3 MIMO antenna configuration — using three antennas and three separate data streams — to help it achieve this. It also features other enhancements like beamforming, which focuses the signal towards each device.

RT-AX68U also supports ASUS AiMesh, so the WiFi network can easily be expanded into a seamless whole-home mesh WiFi system simply by adding in one or more AiMesh-capable routers.

Instant Guard mobile app

RT-AX68U is the first ASUS router to support the new ASUS Instant Guard service, a one-click solution that can make any public WiFi connection secure and private. The popularity of free WiFi in public locations all over the world makes it a prime target for hackers, who can intercept communications and steal private data over these unsecured connections. Instant Guard solves this problem using virtual private networking (VPN) technology to create a secure encrypted data tunnel to RT-AX68U over the public WiFi. In this way, all WiFi communications are safely protected from public view.

Unlike third-party VPN solutions, Instant Guard uses a VPN server running on RT-AX68U, so security is enhanced even further, and the service is completely free. Third-party VPNs can be also be complicated to configure, but the user-friendly Instant Guard setup takes just one click and needs no technical know-how.

Instant Guard also uses the lifetime-free ASUS AiProtection antivirus feature built into RT-AX68U to help filter out access to malicious websites, preventing infection even before any accidental clicks. In the future, Instant Guard will also be available in selected new ASUS routers that will be announced in 2021.

Styled for today

With its elegant vertical styling and special textured coating, RT-AX68U brings a touch of class to any home or studio — so there's no need to hide it out of sight. The streamlined external antennas ensure maximum performance, but blend in with the overall premium design to make RT-AX68U a match for any décor.