The first ever PC Building Competition between Sweden and Finland hosted at ROG Live


On Saturday esteemed casemodders Timpelay and Forsberg Customs builds water cooled PCs which will later be sold on auction in favour for the Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund.

"Sweden vs Finland PC Build-Off"

ROG Live is back in Stockholm and will be hosted by the iconic caster Auguste "Semmler" Massonnat. Sweclockers own "Jonas Thörnqvist" will battle Sampsa from IO-tech together with a select member from each community. The winner will be deterimed by three parts. First off both teams knowledge will be put to the test by competing in extra nerdy quizzes regarding tech & gaming. Next part will be determined by the viewers where they vote on best practice and result of the two completed PC builds. The third and last challenge will be benchmark results where they need to tweak and overclock their PCs to win in 3D Mark Timespy, Cinebench R20 and 7-zip. The winning team will take home indescribable glory and the community member winner will, in addition to the PC he is building go home with plenty of ROG Gaming gear.

Casemod Bonanza

On the 5th of December we welcome back esteemed Casemodders Tim Malmborg "Timpelay" and Niklas Forsberg "Forsberg Customs" who will take on some serious water cooled mITX-builds which after the event will be put out for auction in favour of the Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund.

ROG Live

ROG live is a live streamed event hosted in Stockholm, focusing on PC Building, technology and gaming. A two- day celebration to PC building and perhaps the nerdiest stream you could ever watch. The viewers are challenged with Techy and Gaming themed quizzes throughout the event, competing for fame, glory and PC Hardware.

Watch the stream on YouTube or Twitch.