O!Play BDS-700

    O!Play BDS-700

    Flawless HD. Limitless Excitement

    • Flawless HD video quality with built-in Qdeo™ video optimization
    • Dual HDMI for audio/ video outputting concurrently
    • Pristine SNR 115dB Hi-Fi audio
    • 7.1-channel surround sound
    • Most media formats support with built-in media player
    • Wi-Fi built-in
    • Smartphone remote control without software installation

      Full HD 3D capable

      O!Play BDS-700 supports Blu-ray 3D disc and 3D ISO file playback with full Blu-ray menu. A full menu support comes ready so that customers are able to playback their favorite scenes and chapters and choose an appropriate language from a complete list of subtitles.*

      Flawless HD video quality with built-in Qdeo™ video optimization

      Enjoy and watch DVDs in higher resolution via upscaling

      O!Play BDS-500 ships with Qdeo™ video processing to reduce image scatter without adversely affecting sharpness. Color and contrast are also improved and optimized for a more lifelike piecture and increased viewing immersion. Additionally, percision upscaling of DVDs to HD comes ready right out of the box.

      Pristine audio in the living room - Hi-Fi audio performance with 115dB SNR

      The stereo digital-analog converter (DAC) on the O!Play BDS-700 puts out SNR 115dB audio, the only device in its class capable of such high clarity and fidelity. Dulby® TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio standards are offered, with 100% lossless 7.1-channel output that is perfect for movie watching as well as music enjoyment. The embedded gold-plated terminals design prevents the device to age or oxidize and ensure pures signal quality.

      Smart design for dual HDMI outputs- dedicated HDMI outputs for TV and sound

      To ensure both true HDMI 1.4 performance and offer unprecedented flexibility, the BDS-700 comes with dual dedicated HDMI outputs, splitting one HDMI 1.4 port for 3D TV, while another HDMI 1.3 port routes just the audio. The dual connection design means the BDS-700 can work effortlessly alongside existing HDMI 1.3 audio receivers with no compromise in quality. Conversely, media players with only one HDMI out have to route all operations through the TV.

      Twin USBs for intuitive plug-n-play

      O!Play BDS-700 comes with twin USBs to promote instant connectivity with other devices. Moreover, the front USB input provides convenient access to share your videos, photos, music on a big TV screen.

      Comprehensive formats Support

      O!Play BDS-700 supports the most demanding and popular formats. It maintains good compatibility with 45 popular formats and standards, more than any competing Blu-ray players. Furthermore, you may also play recorded digital videos directly from camcorders to revisit those cherished moments.*

      Stream content from your PC via DLNA certification

      With Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) certification, O!Play BDS-700 lets you easily stream-n-play multimedia files wirelessly from your PC to the big screen TV, cable-free.

      Integrated Wi-Fi

      As online-capable media devices, the BDS-700 comes with integrated Wi-Fi. This allows it to become part of a home network with automatic detection and no setup hassles. Dedicated links to Flickr, Internet Radio and a host of music and video streaming services allow you to get in touch with your favorite content quickly at any time.

      Backlit Remote Control

      With its large buttons and LED backlighting, this remote control provides an easy to use functions for the whole family. Under any low-light conditions, the lighted buttons can be configured to light up automatically when a button is pressed by the user.

      Smartphone remote control without software installation

      Easily turn your iPod touch/iPhone/iPad or any other smartphone into a remote control with no additional software installation. Intuitively type and search through them to control your O!Play BDS-700 with ease.

      ASUS O!Play Blu-ray and HD media player BDS-700 unboxing

      *Due to the variation of encode techniques adapted , complete playback support of every media is not guaranteed