Shift into precision gaming!

    • Precision laser technology up to 8200dpi
    • Instant and programmable DPI switch function from 50~ 8200dpi(Default 800/1600/3200/5600dpi)
    • Five-way tangle free cable management with sleeve protection
    • Gold-plated USB connector provides high speed data transfer rate.
    • Designed for gaming with soft rubber painting and stylish coating
    • Customizable DPI, button functions and macro commands
    • User-adjustable mouse weight system
      8200 dpi
      High Precision 8200dpi tracking speed
      Laser Sensor
      Laser Optical Sensor
      Programmable buttons
      Setup your own flexible button mapping and functions for greater convenience
      Weight System
      Adjust the mouse weight by your pfeference
      DPI Switch
      You could switch the DPI instantly
      Custom-built Gamer UI
      Special game-centric features such as response speed settings make for better play, letting gamers customize different profiles.
      5 Way Cable Management
      Adjust the mouse cable direction for your habit
      Gold-plated Plug
      Gold-plated plug ensure the data transfer rate in high speed

      Front introduction on GX950

      Back introduction on GX950

      Set up interface

      Easy and fast to set up and fine tune the gear for all you needed.
      1. Up to 3 profiles to match different game scenario
      2. Marcos be recorded and assigned to buttons
      3. 6 programmable buttons
      4. Freely adjustment for USB report rate/Angle Snapping/Lift off height
      5. Easy to access to from task bar area