WL-167G V3

    WL-167G V3

    Wireless USB Adapter

    150Mbps High Speed Transmission

      EZ N First-class Performance

      The ASUS WL-167G V3 provides superior wireless performance for your PC compared to legacy wireless 802.11g technology. The 150Mbps wireless speed can deliver consistent HD quality data streaming. In addition to providing better bandwidth and coverage, the 802.11n standard it's also backward compatible with 11g and 11b networks, ensuring existing networking hardware can be fully utilized.

      Multiple OS Support

      WL-167G V3 allows you to easily enjoy wireless networking over various platforms. It is compatible with common operating systems such as Windows, Linux, Mac, and even the newest Windows 7 OS.

      Enhanced Reception

      Adjust the WL-167G V3 position to get best performance, strong signal and better sensitivity with the adjustable USB extension cable

      PSP XLink Kai Support

      The WL-167g V3 delivers PSP XLink connection support. You can play system-link games over the Internet rather than just over your LAN while on-the-move.

      *Team XLink is a collaborate project of gaming enthusiasts that offers software and services free of charge for console gameplay over the Internet. Visit teamxlink.co.uk to learn more and to join the XLink community.

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