Zen Drive Brings Entertainment AVWHERE

    • MAC and Windows 8 Compatible
    • 8X DVD writing speed
    • AV Functioin allows you to enjoy media content on TVs and Pads
    • Disc Encryption doubles the security with password control and hidden file function
    • Drag-and-Burn with 3 easy steps to complete disc burning

      ASUS SDRW-08D3S-U is an external slim DVD writer compatible with Smart TVs and pads, allowing you to enjoy media entertainment AVWHERE. Together with its Zen-inspired design and space-saving stand, it presents a slender and elegant form that looks equally attractive placed horizontally or vertically, blending in seamlessly with any home entertainment center.


      Instantly switch to AV Mode with one press to play content with more devices, including Smart TVs and pads, allowing you to access media entertainment AVWHERE.

      AV Function Live Demo

      AV function allows you to enjoy multimedia entertainment AVWHERE! Simply connect it via USB cable with your Smart TVs or pads, and with one press instantly switch to AV Function and access your content for AVWHERE fun minus the fuss.
      AV Function Live Demo


      Friendly interface with only three simple steps to burn a disc, making the process easier than ever.

      Double the Security On-the-Go

      Disc Encryption II doubles the security with password-control and hidden-file name functionality, providing maximum data protection.

      The Best Burning Quality

      OTS Technology increases burning success rates and provides users fast and high quality operation

      The Best Burning Quality

      Flexible Dual Positioning

      Vertical and horizontal two-way placement

      AV Function Guidelines

      • AV Function relies on the media playback capacities of Smart TVs and pads. Please refer to your device manual and specifications for details.
      • Smart TVs and pads require USB ports with 5V and 1.4A support for playback. Playback may not function properly if the device cannot provide sufficient power via USB ports.
      • AV Function only supports playback and does not support data backup.
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