Budget-friendly and ultra-reliable notebook for SMBs

    Business made more productive and manageable
    • Stay connected anywhere with dual-band Wi-Fi
    • Wake-on-LAN (WOL) allows PCs to be turned on by a simple network message
    • Built-in USB 3.0 ports for ultra-fast data transfer speeds
    • Removable large-capacity battery pack for easy servicing and longer battery life
    • ASUSPRO Business Center for advanced PC management in one simple software package
    • USB Charger+ allows quick charging of mobile devices even when the notebook powered off
    Extreme reliable quality
    • Extra-strict ASUSPRO reliability testing standards
    • Tough anti-shock hard drive protects your data
    • Spill-resistant keyboard for protection against minor spillages
    Designed for professionals
    • True-comfort keyboard for easier typing and increased productivity
    • Large multi-gesture touchpad for precise and intuitive input
    • Strain-reducing anti-glare HD panels with wide viewing angle

      ASUSPRO PU Essential Series business notebooks are budget-friendly and extremely reliable. Specially designed for SMBs, they deliver uncompromised durability and security in a business-focused package. Designed primarily for growing enterprises that may lack a fully-managed IT environment, they help improve productivity and boost reliability. They are the perfect choice for smart up-and-coming businesses on the path to success.

      ASUSPRO P Series

      Designed professional

      Subtly stylish

      Subtly stylish

      The ASUSPRO PU series uses a one-piece build to create a professional yet subtle look. The design simplicity extends to the underside, with no unnecessary clutter, and a premium look and feel is achieved by the use of a stylish dark brushed-metal finish.

      True-comfort keyboard and dedicated numeric keypad increase productivity

      Notebook keyboards are of great concern in the workplace, as they are essential for comfort and productivity. ASUS engineers have fine-tuned the PU series keyboard, providing optimum key feel and long key travel to maintain comfort during long hours of work. The keyboard also provides a full dedicated numeric keypad, complete with navigation keys, to increase efficiency for data entry or document navigation

      Ultraportable, subtle, stylish

      47% bigger multi-gesture touchpad

      Large multi-gesture touchpad

      Easier to use and more precise input with scroll, rotate, and zoom
      47% bigger multi-gesture touchpad

      The touchpad has been enlarged to 107 x 61mm, matching the screen ratio to aid input and navigation. Larger than touchpads on similar notebooks from other brands, it provides responsive and accurate multi-touch control. With gesture support, it effectively replaces the mouse, offering an alternative and intuitive input option. Multi-touch input allows effortless accuracy without a mouse, including two-finger web page scroll, zooming and rotating images, plus three-finger tapping to mimic a right-click. Workflow can be streamlined with gesture control, especially multi-step tasks such as presentations and research projects.

      47% bigger multi-gesture touchpad

      Anti-glare display for comfortable viewing

      The matte screen surface used in ASUSPRO notebooks prevents unwanted reflections, reducing eye fatigue. It also prevents unsightly fingerprint smudges from spoiling displayed content such as presentations. Ergonomically-angled and textured palm rest areas provide a comfortable and solid feel for optimum productivity.

      47% bigger multi-gesture touchpad

      Your business reinforced

      Extra-strict ASUSPRO™ reliability testing standards

      Business users demand higher standards and greater reliability, so all ASUSPRO Series notebooks are strictly quality-tested to much higher standards than the industry norm for mainstream notebooks. They are tested for durability in drop tests, hinge cycle tests, and panel pressure testing. They also ship with an anti-shock hard drive that includes a triple protection mechanism to ensure data is always safe.

      Enhanced drop testing
      More than double the drop height of standard notebooks

      Stronger hinge testing
      20,000 more cycles than standard notebook testing

      Enhanced pressure testing
      Up to 20% higher endurance compared to normal notebooks

      Spill-resistant keyboard
      Occasional liquid spillages are no longer a problem

      Anti-shock hard drive keeps data safe

      ASUSPRO PU Essential Series notebooks offer increased hard drive protection, with damage-absorbing sponge cushions designed to protect the hard disk against shocks and drops during transportation. Additionally, the hard disk features a complete protection mechanism consisting of G-sensor hardware and software that actively protects against imminent impacts in order to help keep data safe and secure. This system uses a 3D digital accelerometer with three levels of sensitivity: off, normal, and high. The latter is activated by default, and impact detection remains on at all times.

      Anti-shock hard drive
      Anti-shock hard drive

      Better productivity and streamlined management

      ASUSPRO Business Center for
      PC management in one simple package

      Helping small businesses efficiently manage their
      PCs in one simple package

      ASUSPRO Business Center is a new computing platform comprising hardware, software and firmware that provides unique security and productivity capabilities. It has been specially designed for small businesses that do not have a managed IT environment, simplifying management and maintenance so you can focus more on your business.

      ASUSPRO Business Center


      Wake-on-LAN(WOL) allows PCs to be turned on by a simple network message

      ASUSPRO PU Essential Series have a built-in hardware module on the motherboard that supports Wake-on-LAN (WOL). This allows a computer to be powered on or woken from sleep mode by a network message via LAN connections. This feature is invaluable for remote PC maintenance and support.

      Replaceable battery and smart power
      connect alert

      The removable battery pack can be replaced with an optional extended-life battery, and adding an external battery case can even double battery life. It's also easy to replace old batteries when necessary. The PU Series also feature a power connector alert that notifies users if the power supply malfunctions or is disconnected, minimizing the risk of sudden shutdowns and interruptions.


      Connect from anywhere

      Connect from anywhere with dual-band Wi-Fi and 4G LTE*

      The ASUSPRO PU Series now features dual-band Wi-Fi and optional 4G LTE, so business users can stay connected at all times. Dual-band Wi-Fi works with both 2.4GHz and 5GHz wireless networks for maximum flexibility, while 4G LTE is up to 10 times faster than previous-generation mobile data technology.

      *4G LTE feature only applicable on PU550/551 series.

      USB 3.0 and USB Charger+ offer ultra-fast transfer speeds and quick device charging

      Notebooks ship with USB 3.0 as standard, delivering up to ten times the transfer speeds of USB 2.0. Exclusive ASUS USB Charger+ software easily charges smartphones, media players, and other portable devices even when notebooks are powered off or in sleep/hibernate modes — in a fraction of the time it would normally take.

      USB 3.0 and USB Charger+

      Green ASUS

      ASUS leads the industry in eco-friendly processes, minimizing environmental impact with an initiative dubbed Green ASUS. It covers four areas: green design, green manufacturing, green procurement, and green services. ASUS is focused on safeguarding our planet with responsible products, and the ASUSPRO Series succeeds in combining a lower total cost of ownership with the highest environmental standards. It is fully EPEAT, Energy Star, and RoHS-certified.

      Green ASUS