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For newly-created small and micro-businesses, the limited manpower needs to be concentrated on the firm's core activities. Making the most effective use of limited IT budgets is a key consideration. Depending on whether you go it alone as a freelancer, open a private studio or become an independent retailer, your PC needs will vary considerably in terms of performance and portability. Selecting the perfect after-sales service is equally important in all cases. The ASUS guarantee of fast, localized maintenance services is like having your own powerful IT team ready to deploy at a moment's notice: think of us as your closest business ally.

  • Independent Store

    When opening a new store, your most helpful assistant is a POS system that not only can solve the problems of customer checkout and product inventory, but also allows interactions with customers. Technologies such as digital signage can help maximize sales opportunities by adding visual impact.

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  • Designer

    For designers, the most important tools of the trade are workstations and monitors. Their powerful multimedia processing capabilities, general scalability, and outstanding ergonomic design combine with integrated power-saving features to help minimize operating costs.

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  • Freelancer

    Highly-mobile freelancers can benefit from the mobility and productivity of a notebook. However, since notebooks vary in terms of performance and features, clarifying your needs before purchase is key to finding the most suitable model.

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